3 Ways to Maximize Fat Loss

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While cardio exercise is one of your greatest fat loss allies, you should never underestimate the power of weight training in your efforts. Weight training is not necessarily about bulking up. In fact, when done correctly, weight training is a phenomenal way to encourage your body to lose excess fat and create the slim, toned silhouette that you desire. Discover three ways that weight training can help you maximize your fat loss:

1. Weight Training Builds Lean Muscle Tissue

Lean muscle tissue plays a major role in weight loss and the shaping and toning of your body. You may have heard that muscle weighs more than fat. This is, in fact, an upside to building lean muscle mass. One pound of muscle takes up much less volume than one pound of fat, so when you build lean muscle, you’re body is more likely to take on a more toned, slimmed-down look. Try this Fat Burning, Muscle Building Workout.

2. Lean Muscle Burns More Calories

A pound of lean muscle tissue requires more calories to thrive than a pound of fat, meaning that the more muscle tissue in your body, the more calories your body will burn in order to function. Adding weight training to your exercise routine will develop lean muscle tissue, will push your body to a higher level of caloric need, and will encourage it to use your excess fat stores for energy. Your body will burn calories at a higher rate even when you are sleeping. Learn more.

3. Weight Training Keeps Your Workouts Varied

Nobody likes to be bored, and guess what? No BODY likes to be bored, either. When you take part in the same old workouts day after day, your body becomes complacent and your results begin to suffer. Keeping workouts lively and fresh will not only help you to battle boredom, but will also lead to a stronger and more balanced body. There are so many ways to incorporate weight training into your workouts. Neither you, nor your body, needs to ever become bored! When a gym isn’t available, try this Body Weight Workout that you can do at home!

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