30 Day Fitness Journal Challenge

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We’ve all heard of keeping a food journal to help hold us accountable with our diets. But many forget that in order to lose weight, exercise MUST be included. Fitness journals can be an effective tool to assist you in staying on track for success in attaining your fitness goals. Tracking your daily fitness activity helps keep us motivated, holds us accountable, creates consistency (habit) and increases our overall fitness.

There are many ways to track your physical activity/training. The “old fashioned” way; writing your daily workouts in a journal. This is the easiest way and allows you to set multiple goals. It also gives you the capability of tracking your weight, measurements, and emotions, what workouts you found easy or hard and new exercises you’d like to try.

The newest way is through your smart phone. This provides portability and ease of not having to carry another item around with you. There are several apps that enable you to do all of the above and some even incorporate a food tracker!

Your 30 DAY CHALLENGE:  Step #1 – Get your fitness journal here. Keep a record of ALL of your fitness activity for 30 days! Beginning TODAY!!!


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