This is the Perfect Workout to Build Strength & Stamina: 30-Minute Squat and Lunge Challenge

Build your legs and see how long you can endure.

30-Minute Squat and Lunge Challenge

Workout challenges should be part of your regular routine. Whether it’s once a week or a dedicated 30-day workout challenge, working to push your body harder than it’s used to is a full-scope reward. The challenges I enjoy the most use time limits to keep me accountable (although I also love seeing how much weight I can push, pull, or lift). I spent the majority of my fitness journey ignoring my lower half, and now I try to squeeze leg workouts into nearly every gym trip. If you’re looking to build your legs or see how long your already powerful legs can endure, our 30-Minute Squat and Lunge Challenge was made just for you.

All challenges in life should elevate your physical and mental well-being. In fitness, pushing yourself harder than you ever have or lifting a weight you once thought was impossible boosts your muscle strength and endurance. More importantly, it also boosts your confidence.

This leg workout challenge offers five of the best leg exercises to tone, strengthen, and build powerhouse legs. You’ll need a range of medium to heavy dumbbells. The exercises below will let you know which weight you’ll need. Beginners should aim for 15 pounds, while advanced fitness buffs should aim for 25 pounds.

30-Minute Squat and Lunge Challenge

Perform each exercise for 40 seconds and rest for 10 seconds in between each exercise. Complete five rounds, resting for one minute in between each round.

  • Dumbbell Goblet Squat: Use heavy dumbbells. Keep the weight centered and be sure to push off from your heel.
  • Alternating Dumbbell Lunge: Use medium dumbbells. Proper form is essential for getting the best results and avoiding injury.
  • Prisoner Squat: Enjoy a break from using weights on this one.
  • Pistol Squat: Mastering pistol squats takes time. Use a bench or step to help you. Every two weeks, use a lower surface to sit on until you no longer need one
  • Walking Lunge: These are one of my favorite exercises. Find an end goal and lunge away. If you tip over before you reach your end mark, no matter where you are, start from the beginning.
  • Hip Bridge: Give your arms some rest and strengthen your core with this exercise.


Dumbbell Goblet Squat

Alternating Dumbbell Lunge

Prisoner Squat

Pistol Squat

Walking Lunge

Hip Bridge

Once you’re done pushing through this legs workout challenge, focus on building a better booty with a Summer Butt Challenge that will last all year.

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