5 Easy Tricks to Eat Less at Parties

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Even the most dedicated healthy eater can be tempted by typical party fare. But when you’re losing weight or maintaining a healthy body, you’ll want to do your best to eat well no matter where you are or what you’re celebrating. The good news is you don’t need to toss those good eating habits out the window. The tricks to eat less at parties below are simple. If you’ve been mired in years of unhealthy eating habits, it’s fine to start with small, doable steps. For example, choose one of these tips for your next event. After that tip becomes a habit, incorporate another tip into your party routine. Over time you’ll have created a menu of healthy strategies that will keep your weight loss on track to long-term success.

Tap into these 5 easy tricks to eat less at parties and stay on the healthy eating path without feeling deprived.

1. Enjoy a healthy pre-party nibble.

5 Easy Tricks to Eat Less at Parties1
This is one of the top tricks to eat less at parties. Before you leave, top off your tummy with a piece of fresh fruit and a low-fat mozzarella cheese stick, or try a delicious snack idea like No-Bake Oatmeal Chocolate Energy Bites or 7 Healthy Homemade Hummus Recipes.

2. Grab veggies first.

Avocado Hummus
Once you’ve arrived, vegetables are a nutritious, fiber-rich way to fill up before moving to higher-calorie food options. If you’re attending a potluck, grace the table with sliced vegetables and a delicious healthy dip like Skinny Pimento Cheese Spread or Creamy Avocado Dip.

3. Don’t stand next to the food table.

5 Easy Tricks to Eat Less at Parties
Another of the must-have tricks to eat less at shindigs is to avoid the urge to graze by stationing yourself away from the food table. Removing the temptation gives you a few extra seconds to make a healthy, conscious choice to avoid seconds, thirds, or worse.

4. Drink lots of H2O.

Strawberry-Basil Water
Drink a full glass of water before you go to the event to take the edge off hunger. If you prefer flavored options, reach for a flavored water recipe like Healthy Lemon-Ginger Sparkling Water or Strawberry-Basil Water. During the party, stick to water or unsweetened tea to keep overeating at bay.

5. Limit alcohol.
In one study, women consumed an average of 299 more calories on the days they drank [1]. One reason may be that alcohol lowers inhibitions, including those that tell us to avoid a third helping of meatballs. What’s more, alcohol itself offers little but empty calories. Stick to one alcoholic beverage per event, and avoid the worst calorie offenders: sugary cocktails (think margaritas, etc.) and high-alcohol craft beers. If you need to satisfy your taste buds, treat yourself to a pre-party Minty Non-Alcoholic Mojito or Pina Colada Smoothie.


[1] The Washington Post

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