5 Mistakes Not to Make When Trying to Lose Weight

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There’s nothing more frustrating than doing everything right (as far as you know) and still struggling to kickstart your weight loss or shed those stubborn last few pounds. Of course, hop on the internet and you can find ten different fitness sites swearing they have the answer (as if it weren’t complicated enough finding a regimen that suits your body). What you may not know is that some choices, even ones some  sites may call “healthy,” may be subtly sabotaging your success. Eliminating some of those sneaky mistakes may be the answer to finally reaching your weight loss goals. Here, are 5 mistakes not to make when trying to lose weight.


1. Choosing the Low or Reduced-Fat Option

It seems so simple: less fat per serving means less fat for you. However, beware, when processed food brands take out the fat, they tend to pack in the sugar instead—and sugar is the ultimate way to slow down your results. Better to avoid the processed food section altogether, and go for fresh, whole foods, like baby carrots and hummus, to snack on instead.

2. Loading Up On Fruit

Although natural and packed with nutrients, fruit should be treated more like healthy candy than a staple when losing weight. It contains high levels of fructose, which although natural, still qualifies as a sugar and can certainly be a reason the pounds aren’t coming off quickly. If you’re serious about the weight-loss game, a smarter alternative to that piece of fruit is a serving of veggies.

3. Not Getting Enough Water

Fun fact: drinking a glass of ice water burns eight calories! Of course, water is a top-notch weight loss buddy for so many other reasons: it aids in digestion, reduces appetite, and is sugar and calorie-free. A common mistake when losing weight is to opt for juice, which is naturally sugary and can even spark your appetite. Even if it’s freshly squeezed, water is always the better option. Try these Ways to Make Your Water Taste Better.

4. Skimping On The Cardio

Nothing against weight training here (we’ve got plenty of great workouts with weights like the 30-Day Arm Toning Challenge), but the reason you may not be seeing the results you want at the gym is lack of cardio in your workout. Weights are great for building muscle, but without at least 15-30 minutes of cardio included to jumpstart fat burning, you may just be building that muscle underneath a layer of fat that’s not going anywhere. (These 15 Fast Workouts for Weight Loss will make fitting in the cardio easy.)

5. Going Overboard On Your “Cheat” Meal

Ah, the controversial cheat meal. Some fitness gurus will say it’s beneficial to remind your body how to process carbs and sugar before getting back on the grind, others say to skip it. Regardless, if a cheat meal is part of your weekly routine, it’s never a good idea to go too hard. Why pack on extra calories you can live without? Every decision to skip that cheeseburger (or maybe just take off the bun) is a step closer to reaching your goal.

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