7 Ways To Make Your Water Taste A Whole Lot Better

Give your body the water it needs with these fun ways to make water taste better!


Water is probably one of the most abundant resources we have on this plant but the most underrated. Our bodies thrive off the nutrients that water can provide, but we don’t give it enough. There are a multitude of reasons we don’t provide our bodies with enough water. Whether it is the lack of time, the lack of taste, or the lack of immediate access. However all of these reasons can be addressed, even the lack of taste! Here are 7 ways to make your water taste a whole lot better.

1. Coconut Water

If the nutrients that plain water can give you is not enough motivation, then coconut water may be a satisfying alternative! Coconut water can help combat dehydration during the hot summer months and provide you with the right vitamins, but be weary of the calorie count. You may not need as many glasses per day as regular water.

2. Strawberry-Basil Water

A quick fix to add a little flavor to your water is by adding other fresh and natural ingredients. In this case, strawberries, basil leaves, and lemon boost the water and its refreshing elements, making it much more appealing to drink.

3. Beet Coconut Water Detox

If you are coconut water type of person and are looking for something even more, try this beet coconut water. A very unique combination, it brings together different flavors and turns into a sort of juice with a water base.

4. Morning Lemon and Mint Detox Water

Kick off every morning with some lemon and mint water. It is a great way to cleanse your palate and start your day with an energy boost. You can even soak this water over night and take it on the go!

5. Flush, Cleanse, and Detox Water

Fruit and water are a great combination. Instead of buying artificially flavored waters, why not make your own? This detox water includes grapefruit, tangerine, cucumber, and mint. All combined together, it makes for a wonderful, summer drink.

6. Ginger, Lime, and Mint Sparkling Water 

Sparkling water can be a good alternative to regular water if that is what you prefer. This flavored water provides more than just nutrients from the water, but also added benefits from ginger. The lime and mint, together, create a wonderful boost in flavor and compliment the ginger well.

7. Healthy Lemon-Ginger Sparkling Water

 Similar to the previous recipe, this also includes ginger, which has many positive health benefits. However, instead of a minty taste, this water leans more towards the sweet side with the added agave nectar.

Give these 7 water recipes a try this summer and maybe it will help you drink more water and stay more hydrated. To supplement your drinking habits, try eating your water as well!

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