5 Moves to Make Those Buns Burn

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Working your gluteal muscles is one of the most beneficial exercises you can do for your body. Because your gluteus maximus is the largest muscle in your body, as you strengthen it and build it, you boost your metabolism exponentially. Our set of five exercises provides you with a butt workout that will have you feeling the burn of muscle gain and fat loss in just the right area. Our combination of donkey kicks, standing kickbacks, squats, hip abductions, and plank glute kickbacks will have your glutes feeling the burn and growing more toned and firm with each workout.

You’ll be using medium to heavy weights during this workout, because a larger muscle requires heavier weight to work it out to capacity. Perform this workout twice per week for serious results.

Equipment Needed: set of medium-heavy weights (10-15 lbs), yoga mat

What to Do: Perform each exercise for 12 reps on each side before moving on to the next exercise, with the exception of goblet squats. Rest 30 seconds in between each exercise and 1 minute between rounds. Complete the routine 2 times per week on non-consecutive days to burn and shape.

Beginner’s Level: 2 rounds
Intermediate-Advanced: 3 rounds


1. Donkey Kicks
2. Standing Kickbacks
3. Goblet Squat
3. Hip Abductions
4. Plank Glute Kickback

Donkey Kicks

Standing Kickbacks

Goblet Squat

Hip Abductions


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