5 Quick and Effective Total Body Workouts

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Research has shown that the quality of a workout matters more than its length. You can get real, noticeable results without living at the gym. These quick and effective total body workouts aren’t easy. They’re designed to get you sweating in a short period of time, burning calories and building muscle. Nevertheless, you can get a total body transformation with just these fast workouts!

5 Quick and Effective Total Body Workouts

1. High-Intensity Total Body HIIT

Use high-intensity interval training, or HIIT, to get an effective calorie-burning workout in only minutes. This routine has exercises to target all the major muscles in your body.

2. 20-Minute Total Body Tabata

Tabata is a kind of interval training that’s proven incredibly effective when it comes to building muscle and endurance quickly. You can get results just by fitting in this 20 minute workout 2-3 times per week.

3. HIIT The Treadmill Workout

Rather than spending hours doing cardio, do this quick interval treadmill workout. You can get all the health benefits in a fraction of the time.

4. Beginner’s 4-Minute Fat Blaster

If you want to try an interval workout, but aren’t quite ready for something too intense, start out with this 4-minute fat blaster. The moves are simple, meaning almost anyone can do them.

5. Inferno 4-Minute Fat Blaster

For more of a challenge, try this intense calorie-burning workout! It’ll provide more of a challenge for those at an intermediate or advanced level.

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