5 Tips to Effectively Lose Weight

Lose inches with a few simple tweaks!

Do you struggle to lose weight, despite counting every last calorie and observing a consistent exercise plan? Do you pledge to say no to dessert and make time for the gym everyday, but find yourself breaking these promises? Setting soaring high expectations for yourself can lead to exhaustion, frustration, and the likelihood of surrendering to cravings and spoiling your goals. Instead of forcing yourself to honor a strict diet and exercise agenda, you can shed pounds easier by squeezing in some subtle changes. Tweaking your lifestyle by adding a few healthy switch-ups to your daily routine can slim and slenderize in ways you didn’t know were possible!

Following an exercise program or diet may lead to some impressive short-term weight loss. Sadly, after finishing a diet or workout program, you gain the weight right back – plus a few extra pounds! These 5 tips to effectively lose weight don’t involve a particular diet or exercise regimen. They’re simply small adjustments that’ll fine-tune your health, ultimately helping you shed pounds and keep them off forever!

1. Go Walking

5 Tips to Effectively Lose Weight
Your feet are the ultimate means of weight loss transportation. Walking is a super simple way to stay fit and a great way to embrace nice weather. Expand your borders beyond the parameters of your neighborhood! Park your car farther away, hike to the mall or grocery store, take the stairs whenever possible, and sign up for charity walks. Before your know it, you’ll lose inches and feel more energized – and all with a few more steps!

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Crank up the intensity a few notches by adding lunges! Check out this calorie-torching Walking Lunge- 6 Week Makeover.

2. Drink Up

5 Tips to Effectively Lose Weight1
Water consumes space in your stomach, helping you feel less hungry. Drink a glass before enjoying a meal, and you’re likely to eat less. Instead of snacking on calorie-laden foods each time hunger creeps up, keep a water bottle on hand and take a few swigs before reaching for a snack. Keeping your body hydrated won’t just promote satiety. It’ll also boost your energy levels and help you get through longer workouts that burn major calories.

Get the 411 on H20 by checking out 10 Ways Drinking Water can help you Lose Weight.

3. Get Your Sniff On

5 Tips to Effectively Lose Weight3
It might sound bizarre, but taking a whiff of certain ingredients such as bananas, vanilla, and peppermint can boost satiety levels and suppress your appetite. Science claims smelling certain food tricks your brain into thinking you’ve eaten it. Store some vanilla-scented candles or lotion in your desk drawer and keep an apple on hand in your backpack. As a bonus, smelling these foods can help alleviate anxiety as well!

4. Leave Dishes on the Stove

5 Tips to Effectively Lose Weight4
Serving dishes on the dinner table automatically sends your brain an invitation to stock up on seconds. In fact, the very presence of dishes on the table can trigger people to consume more food, even if they’re full. If we see it, we eat it, which explains why people tend to clean their plates more often than they leave food untouched. Take matters into your own hands by keeping serving dishes out of sight during mealtime! This will control temptation and train you to truly listen to your body. According to research, stashing those dishes out of sight will have you eating nearly 10 percent less!

5. Brush Teeth after Meals

5 Tips to Effectively Lose Weight 001
Brushing your teeth fights cavities and cleans your mouth, but the second-nature routine also carries weight loss benefits. Getting into the habit of brushing your teeth after a meal will make you less likely to snack on empty calories or satisfy a sweet tooth between meals. The refreshingly clean feeling your mouth gets after brushing will make you especially conscious about reaching for food afterwards. Who knew innocent brushing could be used as a tool to cut back on calories and promote long-term weight loss?

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