21 Foods for Fast Weight Loss

We’re talking fast foods- for weight loss, that is!

From grapefruits to Twinkies, countless diet plans promise rapid weight loss. Although they usually work in the short term, fad diets don’t guarantee long-term results. In fact, they come with a fair share of risks. Because these diets involve consuming few calories, they encourage immediate water weight loss but a slower metabolism over time. More often than not, dieters find themselves gaining weight as a result!

The problem is that dieters obsess over how much they eat rather than focusing on what they eat. The safest and most effective way to shed pounds fast involves consuming highly nutritious, wholesome foods with weight-loss promoting properties.

Giving your menu a nutritional makeover will set you on track to achieving weight loss goals at a faster rate and do wonders for your overall health and wellbeing. These 21 Foods for Fast Weight Loss will knock inches off your waistline and help you glow with radiant health as you journey towards a slimmer you!

1. Grapefruit
These flat belly fruits have a weight loss reputation. They burn fat by reducing insulin levels and stabilizing blood sugar while revving up your metabolism and keeping you full.

Jumpstart your weight loss journey with this juicy and delicious Avocado and Grapefruit Salad.

2. Cinnamon
Arguably the #1 fat-burning spice, cinnamon spruces up a bland meal, boosts your metabolism, and stabilizes insulin levels to keep blood sugar spikes at bay.

3. Lentils
Loaded with filling fiber and protein, lentils are a great source of resistant starch, a carb that accelerates your body’s ability to burn fat.

For a tasty weight loss meal on a busy weeknight, try this Protein Packed Black Bean and Lentil Soup.

4. Salmon
A wonderful source of lean protein, this pretty-in-pink delicacy is packed with omega-3s and B vitamins. It boasts the powerful ability to moderate insulin, which controls hunger levels and contributes to weight loss. Try Oven-Grilled Salmon.

5. Plain Greek Yogurt
Greek Yogurt will help you trim down. The protein-packed snack fills you up without too many calories, and it’s stuffed with active cultures that are good for your gut and help fight flab.

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