5 Ways To Get A Stronger Core

Start your fitness journey with a stronger core!

pilates plank challenge

When starting a workout regimen, one of the first things that most people chase after is building strength and losing weight. However, to achieve any of the above, you need to build a strong foundation. This means a strong core. Establishing a solid core can help you see and achieve significant progress with your body. When we say strong core, we don’t just mean washboard abs. We mean strengthening your abdominal muscles, pelvic muscles, hip muscles, and your spine. Stabilizing your center can be achieved in so many different ways and we are bringing together our top 5 ways to get a stronger core just for you!

1. Planks

Planks are the perfect exercise for strengthening your core. They allow you to find your center of gravity and work your arms and abs while you are at it. The difficult part about this pose is that you need to get into the correct position otherwise it can be ineffective. Here are 6 different plank poses you can try!

2. Yoga

Yoga may seem like a very passive workout, but don’t be deceived. This type of exercise can be as intense as an HIIT workout or weightlifting regimen when done correctly. Yoga is all about stability and targeting each part of your body individually. Certain core exercises are great for building strength and here are some of them.

3. Improve your balance 

Balance may not seem like it’s directly correlated with your core strength, but surprisingly enough it has everything to do with balance. Your ability to balance starts with your center of gravity, basically the center of your body. Here are some ways to improve your balance.

4. Using medicine balls 

Medicine balls are a commonly used piece of equipment for core exercises. They allow you to engage your abdominal muscles it multiple ways as long as you keep them tight and strong. Here are a few ways to put them to good use!

5. Start slow

Don’t just dive into the most difficult exercises. When building any workout regiment, it is important to remember that your body is not used to moving in certain ways and straining itself in certain conditions. Start from the basics with simple exercises such as these. Working out your core slowly prevents you from hurting your back or spraining any part of your body.

Put these 5 tips to the test and start building your core today!

Let us know how these methods workout for you in the comments down below.

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