5 Ways to Stop Sugar Cravings

Get back on track fast.

Why do we crave unhealthy foods? We love sweet tastes, comforting sensations, and quick energy boosts. Sugar is an important carbohydrate that helps break down chemicals and store good fats. However, in today’s society, there are many foods that offer too much sugar, which has resulted in an obesity epidemic. Many people think they need to cut sugar entirely to avoid becoming another statistic. Overloading on sugar is bad for our bodies, so Skinny Ms. has found 5 Ways to Stop Sugar Cravings effectively and efficiently!

1. Give in a little.
By giving in to your sweet tooth a little, you’ll calm your craving without going overboard. Our catalog of Dessert Recipes will allow you to indulge without the guilt.

2. Go cold turkey.
By completely cutting sugar from your system, your body will adapt and become less reliant on its addictive effect. Try our 30-Day No Sugar Challenge.

3. Combine
If you can’t cut out sugar from your diet, combine sugar with another food. For example, dip strawberries into chocolate sauce. You’ll still get the benefits from the fruit and satisfy your craving. Or, go for these No Sugar Added Dessert Recipes.

Quinoa Almond Joy Bars
4. Fruit

Fresh fruit is a great way to satisfy sugar cravings. Keep a piece of fruit handy throughout the day and enjoy when that sugar craving kicks in. Some fruits highest in sugar are bananas, mangos, and dates. In fact, we often refer to dates as, “nature’s sweetest candy”. You can find dates in these delicious and clean treats: Stuffed Dates with Goat Cheese and Quinoa Almond Joy Bars.

5. Move
If you feel like you’re about to give in to your sweet tooth, distract yourself by getting up and moving around. You’ll get the quick energy boost you need in a healthy way. Our Beginner Workouts will get you moving.

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