50 Burpee Challenge (Beginner and Advanced)

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Burpees are an extreme cardio workout. They strengthen, condition and blast fat, making them a perfect total body exercise. Being a bodyweight exercise makes them easy to do anywhere, no equipment needed! Review the video below for advanced and beginner options.

What to Do: This is a 7 day challenge with 5 sets a day. Perform 10 burpees, rest for 15 seconds, then keep pushing through.


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4 Comments on "50 Burpee Challenge (Beginner and Advanced)"

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  2. ritzybits  March 24, 2013

    50 burpees for how many days in a row? Is it for 50 days straight?

    • Skinny Ms.  March 25, 2013

      The challenge is for one week. Complete 10 burpees, rest 15 seconds and repeat for a total of 5 sets or 50 burpees total.

  3. Skinny Ms.  March 25, 2013

    Paula, It’s for one week. 5 sets of 10 burps, rest 15 seconds between sets. A GREAT FAT BLASTER!


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