6 Easy Lettuce Wraps

A skinnified solution to your wrap and sandwich cravings!

If you’re keeping an eye on your waistline, popular foods like sandwiches, wraps, and burgers usually don’t make the cut when it comes to your weekly menu. Which is why we love lettuce wraps! Simply swap out bready wraps with lettuce leaves so you can enjoy the bold, flavorful fillings of your favorite dishes. Meanwhile, delicate lettuce leaves add freshness and a bright, tasty crunch to your meal. Not to mention, the crispy, low-calorie alternative will bring out the yummy fillings.

We’ve grouped together 6 yummy lettuce wrap recipes that call for mouthwatering combinations of healthy sauces, bold veggies, and tender meats. Super easy and waistline-friendly, these winning dishes will have you coming back for more!

1. Skinny Taco Lettuce Boats

This low calorie, low carb version of a savory, Mexican staple lets you enjoy all the tasty goodness of tacos without worrying about your waistline! Nestled into crunchy lettuce boats, ground turkey teams up with colorful veggies to bring you a yummy, hand-held dish that clocks in at just 97 calories a pop.

2. Sweet Potato and BBQ Chicken Lettuce Wrap

Decadent sweet potato and tender BBQ chicken form a mouthwatering pair in this to-die-for wrap recipe! And the lettuce leaves do an incredible job bringing out the flavor of these bold ingredients; these crunchy, light alternatives to starchy tortillas will leave you satisfied without triggering feelings of bloating and discomfort.

3. Spinach Feta Breakfast Lettuce Wraps

These fun-to-assemble wraps pack a satisfying punch of protein, and make the perfect lunch on busy weekdays. Vegetarian-friendly and bursting with flavor, this recipe spotlights nutritious spinach and tangy feta, and calls for super easy prep on your part.

4. Asian Chicken Wrap

Forget takeout! Why weigh yourself down with heavy amounts of fat and calories that typical takeout dishes carry when you can whip up a tasty, lightened-up version at home? This lettuce wrap recipe merges goodness from your favorite Asian fare: crispy chicken, crunchy veggies, and savory sauces and spices. These wraps taste downright decadent, and wont break your calorie bank!

5. Thai Pork Lettuce Wraps

Warm, tender pork meat tastes incredible against the cool, crisp lettuce leaves in this delectable wrap recipe. Dressed up with nourishing superfoods like minced garlic, chopped cilantro, ginger, and roasted peanuts, this hand-held meal offers a powerhouse of nutrients your body will thank you for!

6. Best Ever Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Super simple to whip up, this Asian chicken dish lets you enjoy all your favorite flavors of Chinese takeout without adding inches to your waistline! A drool-worthy chicken stir fry made with fresh, nourishing ingredients like white mushrooms, sesame oil, and water chestnuts nestles comfortably in crisp lettuce leaves. The protein-packed filling is then coated with an uber-flavorful, nourishing dipping sauce that’ll drive those taste buds wild!

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