6 Exercises that Target Upper & Lower Abs

See real results as you blast fat from your upper and lower abs!

While having a 6-pack will make you look awesome in your bikini and crop top this Summer, your abs serve a number of other important purposes as well. The abdominal muscles support the spine, protect your organs, and allow you to bend and rotate. These 6 Exercises that Target Upper & Lower Abs will tone and strengthen your entire core musculature. 

Your core is made up of three layers. The deep or innermost layer is made up of small muscles that span a single vertebra. The middle layer consists of a muscle that encompasses the lower area of the spine, providing stabilization. Lastly, the outermost layer consists of powerful, large muscles that are primarily responsible for generating force, and thus movement.

This workout will challenge all 3 layers of your core for a thorough and complete workout that will help to prevent future injury. It will also create the defined look that you’re after, and enables you to have a strong mid-section to build the rest of your workouts upon!

Uncovering the abs is one of the biggest struggles for women. Of course it’s important to note that diet plays a huge role in revealing your hard work. Check out our 21-Day Flat Belly Meal Plan and the 6 Secrets to Get Rid of Stubborn Fat. A combination of healthy eating and performing these 6 exercises consistently will melt belly fat and expose that six-pack! Are you ready to get started?

The Workout

Equipment needed: Water for hydration, and a stop watch.

What to do: Do the exercises below for 30 seconds each with 10 seconds rest in-between. Do 3 circuits resting 1 minute between circuits. This workout should be completed 3 times weekly on non-consecutive days. Remember to also implement cardio 3 times weekly, and eat healthily for optimal results. See videos below for demonstrations to ensure you are using correct form.


1. Leg Raise – Lower Abs
2. Hip Lift – Lower Abs
3. Side Plank Left Side – Obliques
4. Side Plank Right Side – Obliques
5. Pike – Upper Abs
6. Crunches – Upper Abs

Instructional Videos

Leg Raise – Lower Abs

Hip Lift – Lower Abs

Side Planks (Left and Right Side) – Obliques

Plank Pike – Upper Abs

Crunches – Upper Abs

What did you think of these 6 exercises that target upper & lower abs? How do you feel? Have you just started a new exercise program or challenge? We’d love to hear about it. Leave a comment below!

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