6 Exercises to Get a Summer Body

A Summer body in 6 simple moves!

Getting a Summer body is simple with these six exercises. Total body workouts are best when they challenge you to work multiple muscle groups within a workout. We went a step further. We are challenging you to work multiple muscle groups within each of the six moves. These 6 exercises will get you summer-ready!

What About Eating for a Summer Body?

These exercises are great for sculpting beautiful muscles but they won’t be enough to get the summer body you want. In order to reveal all of your hard work, you must eat the appropriate amounts of the right types of food! It is extremely important that you maintain a healthy diet that is full of nutritious foods and muscle-toning protein. Luckily, we have plenty of delicious meal plans for you to choose from! Losing weight and getting in shape has never been easier! In conjunction with this routine, consider giving any of these meal plans a try:

6 Exercises to Get a Summer Body

6 Exercises to Get a Summer Body

Since you’ll only be performing 6 exercises, this total body workout will only consist of compound exercises. Compound exercises allow you to work multiple muscle groups in order to save time and burn more fat since more muscles are being used. Get your body loose and ready for the work that’s upcoming.

For this workout, you’ll need medium dumbbells (15-25 lbs) and a yoga mat.

Perform each exercise for 40 seconds with no rest in between. Complete 4 rounds, resting 1 minute in between rounds. To make this more challenging, add heavier weight and increase the time for each workout to 10 seconds after two weeks. Complete this workout four times a week to get summer-ready.

  • Burpees: Every full-body workout should have burpees! They work your entire body to give you an advanced fat burning boost.
  • Plie Squat w/ Bicep Curl: Wide stance and one fluid and synchronized movement to work your legs and biceps.
  • Jackknife: Full range upper and lower ab workout to stretch and build that core.
  • Cross-body Toe Reach: Another full ab workout that also incorporates your obliques to give you a slimmer waist.
  • Renegade Rows: A fun multi-purpose exercise that incorporates your entire core, shoulders, biceps, and back. Keep your core tight and use the modified version if needed.
  • Dumbbell Squat and Overhead Press: Legs have bigger muscles and can handle the work! This adds a press at the top to trim and strengthen your triceps.

Instructional Videos


Plie Squat w/ Bicep Curl


Cross-body Toe Reach

Renegade Rows

Dumbbell Squat and Overhead Press

Looking for more exercises to take your summer body up a notch? Try our top-rated 7-Day Summer Legs Challenge to slim and tone your entire lower half to perfection. 

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