6 Ways to Cut Back on Refined Sugar Today

ways to cut back on sugar

We know. Foods that are high in sugar tend to taste good, too. Thankfully, there are ways to get your daily fix of sweetness without downing high calorie sugary treats that will do a number on your body. Not only will cutting back on sugar help you develop a pallet that craves more natural flavors, but you’ll also consume fewer calories and have more energy because you’ll have steady blood sugar levels.

Since sugar offers nothing nutritionally, cutting it out of your diet simply makes you healthier, and leaner. The funny thing is, sugar is in just about everything from bagels to beverages. So how do you cut it out? Here are 6 Ways to Cut Back on Sugar Today:

1. Learn More About Your Food
Unfortunately, many of the foods you eat probably contain refined sugar without you even realizing it. This is because food manufacturers have many names for refined sugar. Learn about other names for refined sugar and be sure to check food labels closely for hidden sugars.

2. Sweeten with Fruit
Fruit is a great way to get your sugary fix without unwanted calories. As a natural sweetener, it can be added to most recipes, and it makes for a mouth-watering dessert. Try our Skinny Applesauce and we know you’ll agree!

3. Try a Refined Sugar Alternative
Why choose refined sugar when there are so many tasty alternatives that are much better for your body? Check out our list of 10 Alternatives to Refined Sugar.

4. Choose Complex Carbs instead of Simple Ones
Complex carbs, like whole grains, give your body long-lasting energy and they’re much more satisfying, too. Learn more about complex carbohydrates here.

5. Enjoy “Skinny” Desserts
We, at Skinny Ms., are always searching for satisfying treats that are delicious and nutritious. Like you, we want to indulge without the guilt. Here are some of our favorite “Skinny” Desserts that have no sugar added.

6. Take Our “No Sugar Challenge”
Sometimes it’s just easier to go cold turkey. Our “No Sugar Challenge” will help you eliminate unhealthy sugars from your diet in no time at all.

Still having trouble kicking your sweet tooth? Check out these healthy options to satisfy every craving.







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