6 Ways to Say “See Ya” to Cellulite

Don't let cellulite destroy your beach body confidence!

Summertime is approaching. Will you reach for a wrap at the beach or pool to conceal your bumpy rear? Or will you pack an extra-long tunic that only comes off at the water’s edge? If you’re taking measures to cover your butt and thighs, it sounds like you have a case of cellulite-itis. Since cellulite has its roots in skin structure and genetics, we can’t banish it entirely. But you can take steps to reduce its appearance! Tackle our tips today, and get ready to feel beach-fabulous this summer.

1. Eat Your Water
No, that’s not a typo. Eating water-rich fruits and vegetables is an efficient way to consume the water that skin cells need to maintain healthy structure. Cellulite occurs when collagen fibers under the skin pull tight, making fatty deposits bulge out, much like a piece of buttoned upholstery. Staying hydrated makes cellulite less noticeable by evening out the skin’s surface. Reach for apples, bell peppers, cucumbers, spinach, tomatoes, watermelons, and zucchini. Get a double-dose of water-rich foods in this easy Zucchini-Bell Pepper Pizza.

2. Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle
Cellulite can be present regardless of weight, but if you’re overweight, shedding excess pounds may reduce its appearance. When you burn the fat in your body’s fat cells, there will be less visible fat beneath your skin, and therefore, fewer cellulite bumps! Start combining a healthful diet with regular exercise now for a less dimpled appearance come swimsuit season.

3. Target Trouble Spots
Lessen the appearance of these fatty deposits by doing targeted workouts aimed at areas where cellulite lurks. For example, if you live with bumpy thighs, work off excess fat and improve the tone of muscle tissue by adding a leg workout, like this 5-minute HIIT Your Legs routine. It’s true that when you lose weight you lose it equally on the abdominals, arms, back, and legs. By paying extra attention to the trouble spots, you tone and define their appearance.

4. Do Eat Clean
High-fat, high-carb, and high-sugar diets add excess pounds that make cellulite more prominent. A healthy diet that includes clean eating recipes will help you incorporate the foods that nurture your body instead of nurture your cellulite. Learn more with our 7 Simple Steps to Eat Clean.

5. Avoid Yo-Yo Dieting
The constant up and down of yo-yo dieting strains skin’s elasticity. Keep skin in shape by maintaining a consistent weight. Regular exercise routines, like the Back to Basics Workout, are a smart way to get moving. Of course, if you’re experiencing weight gain during pregnancy, follow your doctor’s advice regarding healthy weight guidelines, diet, and exercise.

6. Reduce Stress
There are risk factors for cellulite that you cannot control, like the aging process or hormonal changes from pregnancy. Obsessing over a problem you can’t control will add to your stress load. So, instead of dwelling on cellulite’s existence, take our simple steps to reduce its appearance. A few bumps won’t make your body less strong or less healthy!

Tick-tock. Summer’s on its way! Start making changes now, so that you’re ready to hit the beach or pool with confidence!

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