HIIT Your Legs Workout

Stick to this workout to tone your legs!

HIIT Your Legs Workout

Keep your muscles guessing with this HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workout focused on your legs. Throw this 5 minute workout into your normal cardio or weight training regimen and let the change begin!

Equipment Needed: interval timer

What to Do: Perform each exercise for 20 seconds. Rest 10 seconds after each exercise. Complete 3 rounds.

Exercises :

1. 4 Squat Flip
2. Reverse Lunge with a Front Kick
3. Squat Jacks
4. Forward Backwards Bounds
5. Pulse Squat Jumps

4 Squat Flip

Reverse Lunge with a Front Kick

Squat Jack

Forward Backward Bounds

Pulse Squat

Participants of this workout should speak with their doctors about their individual needs before starting any exercise program. This Web site is not intended as a substitute for the medical advice and supervision of your personal physician. Any application of this or any other exercise routine set forth in this program is at the viewer’s discretion and sole risk. See your physician before beginning any exercise program. This is especially important if your family has a history of heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, arthritis, obesity, cigarette smoking, or other health conditions.

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