7 Foods To Help You Avoid Feeling Hungry

Beat hunger by eating these foods daily!

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Often times, people mistake dieting for starving. However, cutting back on calories doesn’t have to mean skipping nutrients and going hungry! Focusing on foods that suppress your hunger will help you eat better and eat less. You will be able to fight the urges to snack throughout the day or binge eat large meals by eating better foods. Here are 7 foods that help you avoid feeling hungry.

1. Almonds

If you’re always looking for something to munch on, start snacking on almonds. Full of antioxidants, almonds have been proven to make people feel fuller and help with weight loss. Not to mention, they are good for your skin. But remember, everything must be consumed in small quantities for it to be effective.

2. Oatmeal

What better way to start the morning than with a meal that keeps you going all day long? Oatmeal is slow-digesting, hence it keeps your body working throughout that time, preventing you from craving any other food. Try Banana Smash Oatmeal.

3. Coffee

Now, your morning cup of coffee is justified! Not only does it give you that wake up call you are in need of, but it also helps boost your metabolism and keep you feeling satiated. Coffee has its perks, but remember, everything in moderate quantities.

4. Tofu

Although not everyone is accustomed to tofu and its texture, it is a food definitely worth trying. It contains genistein, a chemical that allows you to lower your food intake, making it easier to cut down on your portions.

5. Salmon

For all those seafood lovers, salmon should become your new go-to. It contains the hormone leptin, suppressing your appetite. Salmon is easy to cook and goes with any dish, so it’s worth trying. Try this Salmon Caesar Salad to get you going.

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  1. For some odd reason after looking at this post briefly, why do I have a slight taste for Avocado with Walnuts and maybe some Oranges? I just started my new new new weight loss transformation and really watching what I eat. I went to the Hibachi buffet today and proud to say that I didn’t eat any Steak, Chicken, or beef. I did have lightly cooked Seafood mix with imitation Crab meat and Shrimp with Cauliflower mixed together with Mei Fun noodles, sliced Cucumber & Tomato.They say Almonds and Avocado are especially good for Men, as those foods help raise natural Testosterone levels. Do you know if that’s true? 🙂

    1. Hmmmm…not sure if they raise testosterone levels but they are superfoods with amazing health benefits. 🙂

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