7 Foods to Never Eat Before Bed

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If your stomach is grumble-city before bedtime, don’t deny yourself a little something to ease those hunger pangs! Just be wise about your snack choices, for choosing the wrong foods can be detrimental to your healthy lifestyle. Tempting as it may be to reach for the nearest enticing treat, resist these 7 Foods to Never Eat Before Bed!


1. Citrus Fruits 
Half a grapefruit or a few slices of orange sound like responsible late night snacks, but they have invisible red flags all over them. The acids in these fruits can interfere with your nighttime digestion, especially when lying horizontally. Citrus also acts as a diuretic, meaning you’ll have to make multiple bathroom trips at night, ultimately disrupting your precious beauty rest.

2. Red Meat
Tempted to carve yourself a sliver of that leftover steak waiting for you patiently in the fridge? Resist the pull! Meat, especially fatty cuts of red meat, take your body a long time to digest. This means your stomach will be doing flips when you’re ready to settle down and get your snooze on. Reach for a leaner protein to calm your hunger, like plain Greek yogurt or deli-sliced turkey.

3. Ice Cream
Although a few spoonfuls of ice cream might taste like pure bliss before bed, this indulgent treat will force your stomach into overdrive trying to digest the abundance of fats and carbs while you’re inactive. Late night ice cream sends your blood sugar levels up and down – an instability guaranteed to disrupt your sleep. Your body will store the energy from the ice cream instead of using it. Avoid this temptation before catching some zzzs or risk packing on pounds!

4. Sugary Cereal
There’s a reason breakfast is meant for the morning! Although a quick bowl of those fun, frosted, colorful kid cereals might calm your cravings short-term, these breakfast cereals are chock-full of sugar – sometimes even more than a candy bar! They’re also high-glycemic, meaning they provide your body with immediate energy that will be stored as fat if you’re inactive after eating.

5. Pasta
Pasta might make a great pre-workout food on a hectic day, but fight the urge to consume this food before bed! Pasta contains carbs which your body interprets as energy and, as a result, your body anticipates physical movement. You’re not exerting much energy when you settle down to sleep! Once again, your system will store the carbs and ultimately convert them into fat. Yikes!

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