7-Minute Butt Lifting Workout

Reposition your prized asset.

Butt been feelin’ a little bit down in the dumps? Maybe the droopy booty’s in need of a little lift? No problem! Skinny Ms. has the perfect 7-Minute Butt Lifting Workout to put your behind back up where it belongs. Many butt-lift workouts might seem too hard or overwhelmingly complex. Fear not. We have the princess of all glute workouts. She’s fierce and effective, yet gentle and kind. Ready to hear more? Read on below!

Skinny Ms. has cleverly set this 7-minute butt lifting workout up so that it leaves very little room for confusion and pretty much ZERO room for excuses. It’s short and sweet and requires very little equipment: just a set of dumbbells, a free interval timer app (try Gymboss), and your booty. Need a little extra convincing? Try taking a photo of your behind today. Then follow this workout for a week and take another photo at the end. Looking a little perkier? Even just a tad? Keep going! It only gets better from there.

Equipment Needed: set of medium-heavy dumbbells (10-20 lbs), interval timer (Gymboss is a free app)

What to Do: Perform each exercise for 1 minute with no rest in between. If completing multiple rounds, rest for 1 minute. Perform this workout 3 times a week on non-consecutive days.

Beginner’s Level: 1 round
Intermediate Level: 2 rounds
Advanced Level: 3 rounds


Dumbbell Plie Squat
Straight Leg Glute Kick Backs (Left then right leg)
Dumbbell Squats
Clock Lunges (Right then left leg)
Goblet Squat

Instructional Videos:

Dumbbell Plie Squat

Straight Leg Glute Kick Backs (Left then right leg)

Dumbbell Squats

Clock Lunges (Right then left leg)

Goblet Squat

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