7 Moves for Rock Hard Abs

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Feeling a little flabby around the middle? Muffin top got you down? Have a bikini occasion on the horizon? Fear not, dear friends! SkinnyMs. has got seven ab workouts to add some firm to your flab and some minimizing to your muffin top. These ab workouts are simple and made for time-strapped ladies. In only seven short moves, you can make progress toward your dream bod. And more importantly? You’ll FEEL great. And the better you feel, the more you’ll want to exercise. And the more you exercise, the better you’ll feel. Don’t take our word for it, TRY IT! There are no excuses left when it’s only seven moves.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your yoga mat and a dumbbell (yes, that’s all you need!) and get your abs in gear with the ab workout of all ab workouts. The summer (and summer clothing!) waits for no one, my friend. So follow these simple SkinnyMs. exercises for abs (we’ve even got videos to show you how it’s done) and reap the results in body, mind, and soul. Do it now!

Equipment Needed: yoga mat, one medium-heavy dumbbell( 8-15 lbs)

What to Do: Perform each exercise for the specified number of reps depending on your level. Rest 30 seconds between each exercise.

Beginner’s Level: 15 reps
Intermediate Level: 20 reps
Advanced Level: 25 reps


1. Elbow to Knee Crunch
2. Leg Drop
3. Dumbbell Jackknife
4. Plank Knee Sweep
5. Low Plank
6. Push-through
7. Reverse Crunch

Instructional Videos:

Elbow to Knee Crunch

Leg Drop

Dumbbell Jackknife

Plank Knee Sweep

Low Plank


Reverse Crunch

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