7 Resistance Band Exercises to Burn Fat and Build Muscle

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In my opinion, resistance bands don’t get enough credit. They are one of the few pieces of equipment that are effective, yet compact enough to keep at home (or bring with you, for that matter.) Not to mention, they are incredibly versatile! You can get one heck of a workout with these things. While many of us would love to have a full set of Olympic dumbbells or a universal cable machine at home, that’s not exactly practical. This is why these resistance band exercises to burn fat and build muscle are so great.

7 Resistance Band Exercises to Burn Fat and Build Muscle

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These moves bring your at-home workouts to a whole new level. By adding resistance, you’re providing more of a challenge to your muscles. Additionally, activating large muscle groups such as the ones along your thigh, burns a high amount of calories in a short period of time.

1. Lateral Band Walk

This move is great for burning calories because it activates large muscles along your legs and core. Take about five steps to one side before switching directions.

2. Bent-Over One-Arm Row

Rows target your back. Although you can perform rows with many different types of equipment, we love doing them with resistance bands because it makes the move feel more like a dynamic body weight exercise.

3. Glute Bridge

Bridges are some of the best moves to tone your booty because they isolate the glute muscle rather than working the entire leg. Resistance bands bring the move to a new level.

4. Clam

This simple exercise tones your glutes, thighs, and abs, while strengthening your knees as well.

5. Donkey Kicks

Donkey kicks are a relatively simple glute exercise, but you can make them a little bit harder by adding some resistance. This makes your glutes and hamstrings work harder.

6. Leg Lift with Reach

Leg Lifts will work the outer part of your thigh, but adding the reaching motion makes this a full body exercise.

7. Leg Raise with Hip Abduction

It’s difficult to do hip abductions without a machine, but resistance bands make it possible. This combo leg raise and hip abduction works your abs as well.

What did you think of these resistance band exercises to burn fat and build muscle? Let us know in the comment section, below!

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  1. Kathy  December 24, 2017

    Would like a resistance band exercise to release tight calf muscles that can be done in a sitting position, thanks.


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