8 Awesome Coconut Oil Hacks

This tropical fruit is bursting with health and beauty benefits!

What’s with the hype surrounding coconut oil? Celebrities and health enthusiasts alike swear by its magical properties. Hailed in the culinary world and admired by beauty and hygiene experts, coconut oil is definitely worth the (affordable!) investment.

Coconut oil has been used for centuries to serve a host of purposes. This ultimate superfood offers countless health and beauty benefits that’ll enhance your daily routine and help you look and feel amazing. Learn how to tweak your lifestyle for the better with these easy, effective coconut oil hacks!

1. Moisturize For Silky Smooth Skin

8 Awesome Coconut Oil Hacks
The antifungal and antimicrobial properties in coconut oil deliver nutrients and lock in moisture, which will soften your skin and give it a radiant glow.

Experience blissful luxury by whipping up this hydrating DIY Shea Coconut Oil Body Butter.

2. Banish Eye Bags

8 Awesome Coconut Oil Hacks1
Sleep deprived? Coconut oil will fool everyone! Keep dark under-eye circles at bay by gently rubbing some oil under your eyes.

3. Hydrate Your Hair

8 Awesome Coconut Oil Hacks7'
The saturated fats in coconut oil make it a miracle moisturizing product. Its anti-fungal properties eliminate dandruff and keep your strands healthy and strong.

Simply massage into hair and scalp and rinse after two hours of letting the oil sit.

4. Soothe a Sore Throat

8 Awesome Coconut Oil Hacks3
Bid that sore, scratchy throat farewell by swallowing a teaspoon of warm coconut oil. Its anti-inflammatory properties soothe throat pain and irritation while the antimicrobial properties attack bacteria and fungi.

5. Boost Your Baked Goods

No Bake Chocolate Coconut Macaroons
Unlike other oils, coconut oil is extremely stable. You can bake with it at extremely high temperatures and it will still retain its nutrients. It’s also way healthier! Coconut oil contains medium-chain fatty acids; a wonderful source of energy.

For some awesome baking protips, check out How to Bake with Coconut Oil.

Looking for recipe ideas? These delicious baked treats swap conventional oil with coconut:
Clean Eating Chocolate Coconut Muffins
5 Minute Peanut Butter Fudge

6. Conceal Split Ends

8 Awesome Coconut Oil Hacks4

Dealing with pesky split ends? Coconut oil has fatty properties for a quick fix. Simply rub a small amount on the ends of your hair for a shiny, split-free mane!

7. Relieve Sunburn Pain

8 Awesome Coconut Oil Hacks5
Coconut oil puts a halt to peeling and redness with its anti-inflammatory properties. If you’ve basked in sun rays for too long, gently apply some oil to your burns for quick relief.

8. Say Goodbye to Cellulite

8 Awesome Coconut Oil Hacks6
This miraculous oil exfoliates the epidermis, stimulates blood flow and lymph circulation, and triggers the growth of new skin – all effective traits for successful cellulite removal.

For a tried-and-true cellulite-removal recipe, check out this DIY Coffee Coconut Oil Cellulite Scrub

The number of coconut oil benefits grows each day! For more fabulous ideas, give this article a read: 101 Uses for Coconut Oil

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  1. Coconut oil can be use for deep conditioning, It can replace expensive deep conditioning salon treatments. It also has antibacterial properties that fights fungal infections.

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