8 Ways to Create a Beautiful Thanksgiving Table

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Turkey and stuffing and pumpkins, oh my! As the season of giving thanks approaches, many of us are planning to welcome family and friends into our homes. And while you’re figuring out everything—from what’s going on the menu to where Great Aunt Suzanne is going to sleep—you’re likely also trying to plan how to make this special get-together look fabulous. We’ve found 8 beautiful ways to create a Thanksgiving table you’ll be proud to present.

Keep your Thanksgiving table creations and other decorations to a manageable list. For example, if you go all out to create a colorful centerpiece, you may want to stick to simply-folded napkins in seasonal colors. The less stressed you are about presenting the “perfect” table, the more likely you are to stay on track with your eating and fitness goals.

As you plan the Thanksgiving table, don’t forget to include healthy menu options.  Dishes like Skinny Slow Cooker Turkey Breast and Green Bean Casserole make pretty (and tasty!) additions to any Thanksgiving table.

8 Beautiful Ways to Create a Thanksgiving Table

1. Fancy Folds– You don’t need to work at a fancy restaurant to learn how to fold linen napkins with elegance. This article shares 28 Creative Napkin-Folding Techniques (check out #5: The Turkey Napkin).

2. Low-Key Linens– If a fancy napkin isn’t your style, simply fold or roll napkins, and then tie them each with a piece of twine.  Tuck a fresh flower or sprig of dried seed pods underneath the twine.

3. Fabulous Flowers– Make a statement with flowers in seasonal colors. Fold a napkin on top of each plate, and lay the head of a large flower on each napkin (this setting used a multi-colored sunflower). Simple but stunning!

4. Gorgeous Gourds- Thanksgiving table creations don’t come any simpler than this! Place small, colorful gourds or mini pumpkins on the table, and then surround them with faux leaves in fall colors (find leaves at the local craft store). You can add atmosphere with a few candles (never leave lighted candles unattended). This is a no-fuss look that’s especially pretty on a plain wooden table.

5. Pretty Pumpkin Vase- You can’t transform a pumpkin into a coach, but you can give your table the wow factor with this pumpkin transformation. Slice the top from a pumpkin, carve it out, and add flowers (see photo at top of article). The traditional orange pumpkin is always a winner, but you might also like a white pumpkin filled with yellow and orange flowers.

6. Plentiful Bounty Centerpiece- Display seasonal bounty on a large serving platter or dish. The setting pictured below uses fresh grapes, corn, and a large sunflower head, but you could also add in trimmed stalks of wheat, gourds, or other seasonal goodies. When you want beautiful ways of creating Thanksgiving table décor, you can’t beat this simple idea!

7. Beautiful Bell Pepper Vases– We often think of gourds and pumpkins as decorations this time of year, but this is a cute twist from Better Homes & Gardens: use colorful bell peppers as a flower vase. Slice off the top, hollow out the center, and add your favorite seasonal flowers. Set the peppers on small coordinating plates for a pretty look.

8. Welcome with Place Cards– Make each guest feel at home by creating simple place cards. Use a cookie cutter or find a template on Pinterest to create seasonal shapes. Then print or trace the shape onto construction paper (seasonal scrapbook paper would be fun, too). Cut the shapes, and add names with a marker or colored pen.

This Thanksgiving reduce the hassle factor by putting your slow cooker to work! Add Skinny Slow Cooker Pumpkin Soup or Skinny Slow Cooker Sweet Potato Mash to your holiday menu.

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How do you create a beautiful Thanksgiving table? We’d love to read your ideas in our comments section below.

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