8 Yoga Poses for a Strong Core

Keep your core engaged!

Yoga is an excellent way to strengthen your abdominals. Most yoga workouts ask you to keep your core muscles actively engaged throughout the routine. Holding your abs in gives you stability and improves your posture. Using yoga for abs is a great way to get that lean, strong for look.

Yoga Poses for a Strong Core

These 10 poses are great for engaging your core muscles. You can integrate them into your current yoga workout, or turn them into a new routine by holding each pose for about 30 seconds.

1. Boat Pose

2. Plank Pose

3. Dolphin Plank Pose

4. Side Plank Pose

5. Extended Side Angle Pose

6. Half Moon Pose

7. Upward Facing Dog Pose

8. Warrior I Pose

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