9 Foods That Eliminate Toxins

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9 Foods that Eliminate Toxins

Does your body feel like it’s craving a reboot? It may be time to cleanse some impurities from your system. Your body feels its best when it’s functioning at 100%. To help it get there, you can eat certain detox foods that flush out impurities and prime your system to better absorb vitamins and nutrients. To eliminate toxins and give your body a fresh start, try these 9 detox foods.

1. Beets
Typically found in the occasional salad, beets are a detox staple that most of us could do well to eat more of. Beets improve digestion, helping make sure all the toxins in your body actually make it all the way out. Beets contain dietary nitrates, which help your body open its blood vessels, absorbing more oxygen and delivering it to the areas where it’s needed most.

Try this beet salad recipe.

2. Ginger
The healing properties of the ginger root date back to ancient China, where it was used for everything from soothing burns to aiding with indigestion. Chewing on some ginger or sipping on ginger tea will help relax your digestive tract and cleanse toxins from your stomach. You can also try boiling ginger in some hot water for flavor, as water is an integral part of any cleanse.

You’ll love our Ginger-Infused Honey Chicken.

3. Lemons/lemon water
Lemon mixed with water and cayenne pepper is a popular cleanse recipe to flush toxins from your system. Lemon helps your bowels to eliminate waste more efficiently and contains acid similar to the stomach’s natural acid, which aids in digesting and passing food from your system.

4. Grapefruit
There’s a reason grapefruit makes it onto nearly every “superfood” list; its nutrient-rich juices pack a one-two punch for detoxing and enriching your body. Grapefruit kick starts the liver to do its job of filtering toxins from your body while also burning fat.

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