7 Best Arm Workouts for Women Who Feel Self-Conscious About Their Arms

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5. Summer Tricep Toning Workout

This is an upper body routine that we frequently use in our calendars because it’s great for targeting that problem area in the back of your arm. This workout alternates dumbbell tricep moves with high knees, which help keep your heart rate elevated. An elevated heart rate guarantees optimal calorie burn, so you can slim down while toning up. This workout is ideal for women looking to combat what is often referred to as armpit fat or bra bulge.

6. How to Get Toned Triceps in 3 Moves

This is a different way to target the tricep, using a combination of dumbbells and bodyweight moves. This workout doesn’t involve cardio, instead it is 100% focused on strengthening that muscle in the back of your upper arm. This is a great, simple, quick workout to do once or twice per week to make sure you’re devoting enough time to muscle building.

7. 30-Minute Upper Body Cardio Workout

This might be one of the toughest upper body workouts we have. It’s ideal for people who want a total body transformation. Although the workout focuses on the upper body, the plyometric moves and the quick pace will help you slim down all over and build lean muscle.

Let’s hope we all have the strength to live with the things we can change, and change the things we can’t live with! If you’ve decided to start a body transformation, these 7 upper body workouts are a great place to start. Don’t forget to check out our other workout plans and our clean-eating recipes! Let us know your success stories below.

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