Bad Eating Habits and How to Fix Them

Stop your bad eating habits with these tips.

You may not realize that you do it, and you don’t really do it on purpose. Yet when it comes to snacking or grabbing a quick meal, you’ve developed some unhealthy eating habits. Sure it could just be a one-off when you’re in a hurry or a way to cool down for the day, but it’s just as easy for these occasions to become excuses and then mindless routine. Don’t let yourself fall into that cycle. The best way is to acknowledge and combat them. Check out this list of Five Bad Eating Habits and discover some ways to avoid them:

1. Mindless Eating. According to, people watching TV eat 20-60 percent more than if they focused on their food in the first place. It happens. You get comfortable in front of the TV or settle down to read, and you just have that bowl or plate nearby. Without a thought, you just reach over and keep snacking while you focus somewhere else, and by the end of the TV program, you’ve had more than your fill.

Try to avoid eating with your concentration elsewhere or try setting out a small-portioned snack for this purpose. It’s important to be aware of what you’re eating and to concentrate on the satisfaction of taste or how full you are.

2. Over Snacking. While grabbing a healthy snack or two during the day can help tide over cravings and keep your energy up, constant snacking or snacking to replace a meal can mean losing track of what you’re eating.

Prepare one or two healthy snacks for the day and keep them close by. Make sure what you’re eating has nutritional value to keep you satisfied until your next meal. Check out our list of Grab ‘n Go Snacks under 100 Calories you can bring with you to work.

3. Eating When You’re Upset. You think it’ll help for the moment when you’re in a bad mood or over-stressed, but eating to combat your feelings will not fix the problem, meaning it can perpetuate itself. Plus, when most people eat to soothe their feelings, they turn towards something unhealthy and lots of it.

Avoid using food as your fix and try other relievers like exercise. Grab a buddy to walk and talk out the issue or try meditating with the Skinny Ms. Yoga plans to ease your mind and reflect.

4. Skipping Breakfast.  Skipping this meal doesn’t mean you’re cutting calories. Your brain and body need fuel after a night’s sleep, and breakfast eaters tend to lose weight more easily, while Skippers can feel sluggish during the day. Besides, skipping can give you that small justification to eat more throughout the day to make up for that missed meal.

Time can play a factor, because getting ready for work or school can be a scramble and breakfast might be the last thing on your mind. Try planning ahead. Maybe look into some of our slow cooker breakfast meals, like the Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal recipe, or look into our refreshing Skinny Ms. Smoothies drink recipes.

5. Eating on the Go. Just too busy or on the move? Whether you’re at your desk, in your car, or walking around the shops, you might try to grab-and-go with food nearby, which is not likely to be a healthy choice. When you try to eat quickly, you tend to eat more without concentrating on exactly what you’re eating or if you’re full.

Again, it’s about planning ahead. Try the some of the Skinny Ms. Slow Cooker recipes. Slow cookers mean preparing the meal ahead of time to cook throughout the day, so you’ll have a warm meal when you get home. You could also try setting aside pre-made snacks for your desk drawer or a quick bite you can take with you in the car.



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