Want a Beautiful Back and Toned Arms for Summer? Try This Fast Routine!

Rock a sleek and slender upper body this summer!

Beautiful Back and Toned Arms

Summertime is the season for cut-offs, crop tops, and swimsuits. With this in mind, we’re typically more inclined to spend a little extra time in the gym during the months leading up to warmer weather. After all, working out regularly will improve your appearance and boost your self-confidence! This routine for a beautiful back and toned arms will help you achieve a strong, sexy, and feminine figure in 20 minutes or less!

Benefits of Training Your Back

Want a Beautiful Back and Toned Arms before Summer? Try This Amazing 20-Minute (or Less) Routine

While most of us tend to make it to the gym more often this time of year, we have a propensity to place extra focus on our legs and abs. That leaves the muscles of the upper body behind! It’s important to work each major muscle group at least once per week, not only to maintain strength but also for symmetry. Additionally, routinely training your back will improve your posture and actually help you look slimmer! Having a sleek and strong upper body to match your long and lean legs will make you look and feel even better in your summer outfits!

Fresh Foods for a Summer Body!

Want a Beautiful Back and Toned Arms before Summer? Try This Amazing 20-Minute (or Less) Routine Fresh Foods

Regular exercise is a great way to earn a fit summer body, but if you want even greater results, you’re going to need to eat the right foods! A diet rich in protein and whole foods is an excellent way to shed fat while toning-up. Luckily, we have plenty of nutritious recipes and meal plans to choose from. Check out these awesome options to enjoy in conjunction with our workout routines:

Get a Beautiful Back and Toned Arms before Summer with this 20-Minute (or Less) Routine

What you need: An interval timer / 1 set of light-moderate dumbbells (5-10 lbs.) / 1 set of heavy dumbbells (15+ lbs.) / 2-3 resistance bands of different tensions with door anchor (most sets come with one).

What to do: Set your timer for the amount of time listed for your fitness level below. Perform the assigned number of reps for each exercise. Rest for up to 15 seconds between exercises and up to 30 seconds between rounds. Complete as many rounds as possible within the designated time limit. Be sure to watch all of the instructional videos below before beginning the workout. 

Beginner Fitness Level – Set your timer for 10 minutes.

Intermediate Fitness Level – Set your timer for 15 minutes.

Advanced Fitness Level – Set your timer for 20 minutes.

  1. Bent-Over Dumbbell Rows – 10 reps with heavy dumbbells
  2. Resistance Band Lat Pull Down – 10 reps
  3. Dumbbell Bicep Curls – 10 reps with heavy dumbbells
  4. Resistance Band Pull-Over – 10 reps
  5. Dumbbell Reverse Fly – 10 reps with light-moderate dumbbells
  6. Seated Resistance Band Row – 10 reps

Instructional Videos

Bent-Over Dumbbell Rows

Resistance Band Lat Pull Down

Dumbbell Bicep Curls

Resistance Band Pull-Over

Dumbbell Reverse Fly

Seated Resistance Band Row

Want more back workouts for a beautiful back and toned arms?! Check out these awesome options:

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