Beginner’s HIIT BootCamp Workout

The perfect mix of exercises to bring the mental and physical change you want.

Beginner's HIIT BootCamp Workout

When I hear the word “Bootcamp,” all I can think of is being a teenager and watching other teens on Maury being yelled at by drill instructors while they exercise. Now, people pay personal trainers to yell at them — oh how times have changed! The premise of Bootcamp workouts are still the same: Workout non-stop to blast fat and build discipline, strength, confidence, and an amazing body. This beginner’s HIIT Bootcamp workout offers the perfect mix of exercises to bring the mental and physical change you want.

The Bootcamp workout is designed to keep you moving while building your body and your psyche. When we’re by ourselves, we tend to use less effort because no one is watching. But at Bootcamp, someone is always watching. Although you’ll be performing this at home or at a gym, you’ll be watching yourself, so be honest and hold yourself accountable.

The first day will be a challenge. But, the more you push through and focus on form and breathing, the easier the work becomes. Most importantly you’ll gain more strength and confidence to take on more fun Bootcamp workouts.

You’ll need a set of light dumbbells — I’d suggest five pounds — and an interval timer, which is available on most phones.

Beginner’s HIIT BootCamp Workout

Perform each exercise at a fast pace for 30 seconds while still focusing on proper form and technique. Pace your breathing to keep pushing through (always exhale on the “work” part of the exercise). You’ll get no rest in between exercises, but you can rest for 35 seconds after each round. Complete three rounds.

I can’t be there to yell at you, but if it helps, picture me constructively yelling and motivating you throughout this beginner’s workout!

  • High Knees: Just some light cardio to get your blood flowing. We’ll ease you into the workout.
  • Plank Knee to Elbow: One of my favorite ab exercises. Be sure to roll your abs toward your spine to really work those abs
  • Reverse Dumbbell Fly: A nice back, arm, and shoulder exercise to strengthen and tone.
  • Squat w/ a Punch: What’s Bootcamp without a little violence? A compound exercise to work your lower body and your arms and shoulders again. Be sure to follow through with your punches.
  • Renegade Row: Another compound exercise focused on arms and back. Roll your abs back toward your spine again to get a plank in there also.
  • Burpees: One of the most strenuous exercises but one of the best exercises overall for blasting fat. Do a modified pushup at the bottom since you’re a beginner.


High Knees

Plank Knee to Elbow

Reverse Dumbbell Fly

Squat w/ a Punch

Renegade Row


After four weeks, consider your beginner’s label gone. No more beginner’s workouts for you! Jump into our 30-Day HIIT Home Challenge to take your fitness goals and journey up a notch.

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