30-Day HIIT Home Challenge

The energy, excitement, and results of a gym workout from the comfort of your own home.

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Exercising at home can be amazing. It gives you the freedom to work out at any point in the day, there’s never a crowd, and you don’t have to wait for someone else to start your next workout. This means non-stop, uninterrupted exercises which are essential for fat burning. Our 30-Day HIIT Home Challenge gives you the energy, excitement, and results of a gym workout from the comfort of your own home.

Over this five-week span, you’ll enjoy five workouts during the week with two much-needed rest days. At most, you’ll need a few light-weight dumbbells to help you build muscle mass while burning fat, creating lean muscles. Get ready to sweat, jump, and upset your neighbors with this fast-paced and fun home workout challenge.

30-Day HIIT Home Challenge

What to Do: Follow the schedule below by clicking on the workout for each day. Choose two workouts a week to complete in the morning before you start your day.

What You’ll Need: A range of dumbbells (from 3 to 15 pounds), a chair or step, a gym timer (available on most phones), and a yoga mat or soft surface.

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Week One

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Day 1: Belly Fat Melting HIIT Workout Routine For Beginners
Day 2: 12-Minute Home HIIT Challenge
Rest Day 3
Day 4: 10-Minute HIIT Circuit Workout
Day 5: 12-Minute Home HIIT Challenge
Rest Day 6
Day 7: 10-Minute Total Body HIIT Workout

Week Two

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Day 8: High-Intensity HIIT for Abs
Day 9: HIIT Arms & Shoulder Workout
Rest Day 10
Day 11: HIIT Your Butt Workout
Rest Day 12
Day 13: 15-Minute Indoor Bodyweight HIIT
Day 14: HIIT Pyramid Challenge

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Week Three

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Day 15: HIIT Total Body Toning
Day 16: Melt Fat in Minutes with this HIIT Routine
Rest Day 17
Day 18: 20-Minute Back and Shoulders HIIT Workout
Day 19: Fat Blasting HIIT Workout – Burn Fat up to 24 Hours
Rest Day 20
Day 21: 12-Minute Home HIIT Challenge

Week Four

high-intensity interval training

Day 22: HIIT Your Butt Workout
Day 23: Melt Fat in Minutes with this HIIT Routine
Rest Day 24
Day 25: 12-Minute Home HIIT Challenge
Day 26: 15-Minute Indoor Bodyweight HIIT
Rest Day 27
Day 28: 10-Minute HIIT Circuit Workout

Week Five

fat loss

Day 29: HIIT Total Body Toning
Last Day: High-Intensity HIIT for Abs

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