30-Day Squat Challenge Beginner Edition

Five squat variations that will tone your legs and build your butt.

There’s nothing wrong with having a strong pair of legs and a thicker butt. Standing, sitting, and walking become less exhausting when you train your body to take on more weight. You’ll get used to your own body weight, deal with fewer back pain issues, and also build toned legs and a firm, shapely butt. Your quads (front thigh muscles), hamstrings (back thigh muscles), and glutes (butt muscles) are large, so I always enjoy packing on some weight to get the most out of each rep and exercise. This 30-day squat challenge beginner edition features five squat exercises that will tone your legs and build your butt while also getting you ready to add on more weight down the line for better results.

A squat is a basic yet highly effective workout that shapes your thighs, elevates your booty, and tones your core. Squats are compound movements that engage major muscles in your lower body and core. It is a fundamental functioning movement that we all do on a daily basis. Squats burn calories and may aid in weight loss. 

They not only give you a firm, toned buttock, but they also reduce your chances of damaging your knees and ankles. Exercise strengthens the tendons, bones, and ligaments that surround the leg muscles. It relieves some of the strain on your knees and ankles. Squats are excellent for building leg muscles, but seniors should avoid any activity that requires them to bend their knees deeply.

You’ll need a medium set of weights for a few exercises. As a beginner, 10- to 15-pound dumbbells are ideal. Other than that, this workout just involves bodyweight exercises.

30-Day Squat Challenge Beginner Edition

Beginner's Leg & Butt 30-Day Squat Challenge

You’ll perform each exercise for 30 seconds and rest for 15 seconds in between each exercise. Once you finish each round, rest for 1 minute and jump back into the exercises. After you complete three rounds, you’re done!

The second half of the squat challenge are cross-training days, where you’ll work on your core (abs and lower back) with planks. A stronger core helps you stabilize your body during the movements in these exercises.

  1. Prisoner Squat: Prisoner squats are named because you’ll have your hands behind your head like a prisoner. This helps keep your core stable to give you more control in movement.
  2. Goblet Squat: Performing goblet squats teaches you proper squat form. That will be helpful when you’re ready to head over to the weighted squat rack. It also takes off the pressure on your lower back, which can allow you to take on heavier weights.
  3. Dumbbell Squat: Dumbbell squats are a standard squat exercise. There are two versions: arms straight down or arms up over your shoulder. I prefer the arms up version; it centers the weight on your body, so you can really isolate your leg and butt muscles.
  4. Plié Squat: Performing plié squats works all the regular squat muscles but also helps to target the inner thigh muscles, which can be hard to develop.
  5. Frog Squat: Frog squats are another squat variation that helps develop inner thigh muscles.

While you perform this beginner’s challenge, be sure to keep your body fueled. Complementing this squat challenge with our 30-Day Weight Loss Meal Plan will give you the daily energy to become stronger and toned.

The Plan

Day 1: Prisoner, Dumbbell, Frog, Prisoner, Dumbbell, Frog
Rest Day 2
Day 3: Plié, Goblet, Prisoner, Plié, Goblet, Prisoner
Rest Day 4
Day 5: Prisoner, Goblet, Dumbbell, Plié, Frog
Rest Day 6
Rest Day 7

Healthy snacking will make all the difference when it comes to your health goals. Try any of these 50 Clean Eating Snacks while you enjoy this 30-day challenge.

Day 8: Prisoner, Dumbbell, Prisoner, Dumbbell
Day 9: Dumbbell, Goblet, Dumbbell, Goblet
Rest Day 10
Rest Day 11
Day 12: Prisoner, Goblet, Dumbbell, Plié, Frog
Rest Day 13
Day 14: Frog, Plié, Dumbbell, Goblet, Prisoner

Still feeling unsure about where your fitness journey is heading? The Beginner’s Guide to Getting Fit will give you some extra tips to make the most of this leg and butt challenge.

Day 15: Prisoner, Frog, Plié, Prisoner, Frog, Plié
Cross-Train Day 16: 3-Minute Plank Challenge for Beginners
Day 17: Goblet, Frog, Dumbbell, Frog
Rest Day 18
Day 19: Frog, Prisoner, Frog, Dumbbell
Day 20: Plié, Dumbbell, Plié, Frog
Cross-Train Day 21: 3-Minute Plank Challenge for Beginners

For the last nine days of this 30-day challenge, complete each exercise for 45 seconds. You still only need to complete 3 rounds.

Day 22: Prisoner, Dumbbell, Prisoner, Dumbbell
Cross-Train Day 23: 3-Minute Plank Challenge for Beginners
Day 24: Prisoner, Dumbbell, Frog, Prisoner, Dumbbell, Frog
Rest Day 25
Day 26: Prisoner, Goblet, Dumbbell, Plié, Frog
Cross-Train Day 27: 3-Minute Plank Challenge for Beginners
Day 28: Dumbbell, Goblet, Dumbbell, Goblet

Rest Day 29
Day 30: Frog, Plié, Dumbbell, Goblet, Prisoner


Prisoner Squat

Goblet Squat

Dumbbell Squat

Plié Squat 

Frog Squat

You’re officially no longer a beginner. Try our 30-Day Butt Lift Challenge to keep the results coming!

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