Blast Fat with Interval Training

This interval training will bast your fat away!

Interval Training is one of the best cardiovascular workouts for burning fat and is defined as alternating between high intensity and low-intensity movement, then repeating the sequence. For example, cycle at high intensity for one minute, then low intensity for 2 minutes, then repeat the sequence for a specified number of times or minutes. Short periods of high-intensity workouts followed by longer periods of low intensity burns more calories and subsequently more body fat than maintaining a steady pace or incline.

Intensity is defined as speed work, how slow or fast you move. Our training will consist of intensity levels ranging from 3-10. Below are examples of equipment or methods used in interval training:

-Stationary Bike
-Outdoor Cycling
-Elliptical Machine
-Row machine

The recipe for getting healthy, losing excess body fat and gaining lean muscle mass can be found by combining these three primary ingredients: ‘Skinny’ eating, cardiovascular exercise and weight training.

Below are examples of intensity levels:

Intensity Level 1 – Barely moving, putting forth little effort…for example, a stroll in the park on a flat surface.

Intensity Level 8 – This is a fast run putting forth almost approximately 80% effort.

Intensity Level 10 – Moving at almost 100% effort, as in a full sprint.

The workout chart below is designed for anyone ready for high intensity level intervals. Blast Fat with Interval Training
Workout designed by Gale Compton a nationally certified fitness instructor.

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  1. I wanted to know if you have any good suggestions for heart rate monitor as well as a dual calorie burn counter. I have started working from home and put on 15 lbs in 6 months and need to begin doing interval trainig and want to see my heart rate at each level as well need to understand where my calorie burn is not taking place. I assume it is just simply not getting nad going into a workplace.

    HELP, there are so many options at the store and am ok to spend $100 just not sure which one is best

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