30-Day Full Body Transformation Workout Plan

This year CAN be different!

This year CAN be different! If you’ve made your new year’s resolution and you’re serious about keeping it, the trick to success is to approach with a plan. Choose a solid workout plan and stick to it! That’s all it takes. And we’ve made this body transformation workout plan to make it easier for you.

With this 30-Day Full Body Transformation Workout Plan you’ll get:

  • an easy to follow format
  • scheduled recovery days
  • strength training for lean muscle mass
  • interval training and cardio for weight loss and cardiac health
  • quick workouts that fit into the busiest schedules

Every week you’ll complete five workouts and have two rest days to recover. We’ve chosen challenging workouts that combine strength training and cardio. You’ll be doing a lot of HIIT (high intensity interval training), which is a training style popularized for its effectiveness. HIIT is great when it comes to dropping pounds FAST.

Throughout the plan you’ll also practice some weight lifting. Weight lifting is key for long term, total body transformations. It’s the most effective way to create lean muscle, which in turn raises your metabolism. More muscle means lower body fat and smaller measurements. We recommend tracking measurements and body fat percentage (rather than weight), so that you can see the results for yourself. More information on tracking progress in a minute!

Another reason why we think you’ll love this monthly workout plan is that the daily workouts are short. We’ve chosen routines you can complete in around 30 minutes so that you can fit workouts around a busy schedule. You won’t have to commit hours to the gym. Just 30 minutes of intense dedication and motivation.

To get the most out of your workouts, we recommend doing them in the morning or afternoon when you have plenty of energy. And of course, follow the workout with a healthy clean-eating protein meal. Check out these 14 High-Protein Entrees for some inspiration.

You should be seeing results by the end of the calendar. We recommend tracking results using a variety of methods. Although weight is the most common way to track progress, it’s not always the most effective. When you gain muscle, the scale might not accurately represent the changes in your body. That’s why we recommend using measurements and progress pictures. If you have a way to measure body fat percentage, this is also a reliable way to track progress.

However you choose to mark your results, the most important part is the changes you see in your own body. With this simple workout plan you can get all the great benefits of exercise, including higher energy levels, better quality sleep, and improved powers of concentration. Not to mention that watching your body grow strong can make you feel invincible!

So for a little bit of invincibility and a total body transformation, check out our free calendar download.

Download Your Free 30-Day Full Transformation Workout Calendar.


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