Boxing Your Way to Sexier Arms & Legs

Box your way to workout bliss!

When you think of a boxer, the first thing you should think of is conditioning. Being powerful in boxing is important, but training your body and mind is what makes you the best. Boxers’ legs have to be strong enough to endure the 12 round bout, and their arms have to be strong to take hits and deliver punches. While they strengthen those, they are also burning fat and toning them. Although we’re not training you to be a boxer, you can still use their moves to get their results!

These various punches will tone your triceps, biceps and shoulders. The jump rope and the quick feet will strengthen your legs and build up your cardio. You also get to sneak in some core work with each exercise.  Get your fists up, and get ready to punch it out to perfection!

Equipment Needed: Interval Timer (Gymboss is a free app download), jump rope, light weights(think 2-5 lbs. optional), water for hydration

A key piece of equipment to for sexy boxer legs and arms is a jump rope. Try the Double Unders Jump Rope to tone and shed calories all while having fun.

What to Do: Watch the videos below to become familiar with each exercise. The first video is the correct boxer’s stance to make sure each exercise doesn’t put any strain on your legs or lower back. Perform each exercise for the time assigned. If you want to add more difficulty to the training, add the weights to your punches. Follow through strong, and make every punch count! Although we don’t want you to be violent, imagine you’re trying to knock out someone out. This will give you that motivation to keep going. Whichever foot and arm you lead with the first time, make sure to swap to the back the second time. Rest for 30 seconds after each exercise. Perform this workout 3 times a week for amazing results.

Beginner Level: 2 Circuits
Intermediate Level: 3 Circuits
Advanced Level: 4 Circuits


1. Jump Rope – 2 minutes
2. Jabs – 1 minute
3. Hooks – 1 minute
4. Quick Feet – 1 minute
5. Uppercuts –1 minute
6. Cross – 1 minute

Boxer’s Stance

Jump Rope



Quick Feet



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  1. Thanks for the great boxing workouts. I’m wondering if you could throw some kickboxing routines into the mix as well?

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