Clean Eating Grocery List for 1

New foods. New you.

Lunges are lovely and squats are sweet, but when you want to create that slimmer, healthier body you deserve, the journey starts in the kitchen. One of the most effective ways to jumpstart your new lifestyle is to stock the kitchen and pantry for success. Begin your journey with this clean eating grocery list for one.

This grocery list will stock your kitchen and pantry with many of the staples you need to prepare delicious clean-eating recipes. You’ll find plenty of whole, natural foods that haven’t been stripped of their nutrients. The clean eating shopping list is also packed with foods that aren’t loaded with refined sugar or excess sodium and preservatives.

Lay the foundation for good eating with our clean-eating grocery list, and then start planning your menu. Here are healthy recipe ideas to get you started:
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Don’t stress out about making meals with lots of leftovers that will go to waste. You’ll find plenty of clean-eating meals that are ideal for freezing. Check out 30 Recipes That Freeze Fabulously.

Clean Grocery List: Breads & Grains

100% Whole wheat flour
100% Whole-wheat or whole-grain bread
100% Whole-wheat pasta
100% Whole-wheat pitas or tortillas
Brown rice
Quinoa (technically a seed, but treated as a grain)

Clean Grocery List: Canned/Jarred/Dry Goods

Marinara, no sugar added, low sodium
Sun-dried tomatoes
Tuna packed in water
Almonds and/or walnuts, whole & unsalted

Clean Grocery List: Condiments & Spices

Mustard, no added sugar
Ketchup, naturally sweetened (we love OrganicVille Ketchup)
Balsamic vinegar
Cooking oils, like extra virgin olive oil, canola oil, safflower oil, and/or coconut oil
Herbs and spices of all varieties (not spice mixes, like store-bought taco seasoning, just the pure herbs)
Chia seeds (for salad or yogurt toppings)

Clean Grocery List: Beans & Legumes (dry or canned)

Black beans
Chickpeas (garbanzo beans)
Kidney beans
Lentils (all types)
Navy beans
Pinto beans

Clean Grocery List: Produce

Salad greens, like lettuce and/or spinach
Favorite fresh vegetables
Favorite fresh fruits

Clean Grocery List: Lean Meats (buy organic when possible)

Fish, especially cold-water fish like salmon
Chicken breasts, boneless and skinless
Lean ground turkey
Bison or venison (as a beef alternative)

Clean Grocery List: Eggs & Dairy

Non-fat Greek yogurt (ideal for breakfasts, snacks, or as a replacement for sour cream or mayo)
Part-skim mozzarella cheese sticks (perfect for snacking)
Low-fat feta cheese
Butter, unsalted
Milk, 1% or skim, or a milk alternative, like almond milk

Clean Grocery List: Frozen

Frozen fruits, no added sugar (fabulous for Smoothie Recipes)
Frozen vegetables, no added sugar, sodium, or sauces (ideal for many easy-prep Slow Cooker Recipes)


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