Healthy Lunch Grocery List

Give lunch a makeover with these tasty foods.

“What’s for lunch?” If you answered “fast food” or “whatever I can grab out of a box,” then it’s time to reimagine that lunchtime menu. Check out our quick and easy healthy lunch grocery list for ideas to stock your fridge and pantry with to help you make smart, healthy decisions around lunchtime.

Many of us are in the habit of planning for dinner, but when it comes to planning healthy lunch ideas, we sometimes fall short. After all, lunchtime rolls around in the middle of the day when you’re likely in the middle of a hectic schedule. Who has time to make lunches that taste good and nourish the body?

You do. We’re sharing this healthy lunch grocery list to make it easy for you to assemble nutritious meals that nourish the body and satisfy the appetite. The clean-eating foods below give you the ingredients you need to assemble DIY sandwich, wrap, or salad recipes. We’ve also included additional links for healthy lunch recipes you might like to try.

Healthy Lunch Recipes


Looking for more healthy lunch ideas? Discover delicious dishes in these links, and then add the ones you like to the quick healthy lunch grocery list below.

Healthy Lunch Grocery List

By choosing from the ingredients below, you will set yourself up for healthy, lunch time success!

Breads and Grains

  • Whole grain tortillas
  • Whole grain or whole wheat sandwich bread
  • Quinoa (Cooked quinoa is a protein-filled addition to salads and wraps. Also, recipes like Skinny Quinoa Stir-Fry make yummy leftover lunches. We like to prepare some over the weekend and keep it on hand in the fridge for weekday lunches.)


  • Lettuce and/or spinach (Use these greens in salads, on sandwiches, or in wraps. Spinach can also be used to make healthy smoothie recipes like Superfood Smoothies.)
  • Salad toppings (Find healthy salad topping ideas here.)
  • Avocado (Add this heart-healthy fruit to salads, like our Spring Salad in an Avocado, or use it in sandwiches or wraps.)
  • Fresh Fruit (Enjoy fresh fruit as a side or incorporate it into healthy lunch ideas, like this Skinny Fruit & Yogurt Salad)
  • Fresh vegetables (Lunchtime is the right time to nosh on a fresh veggie side or to add them to sandwiches or salads.)

Low-Fat Dairy

  • Feta cheese, reduced fat (Use it in DIY salads or in recipes like this Spring Mix with Roasted Pears and Feta.)
  • Mozzarella cheese sticks, reduced fat (Snack on cheese as a side or roll it inside two or three slices of a healthy deli meat, like lean, low-sodium turkey, for a DIY roll-up.)
  • Greek yogurt (This protein-packed addition to your healthy lunch grocery list is a healthier replacement for mayo. Try it in recipes like Clean-Eating Chicken Salad.)

Meat and Fish

  • Deli turkey or chicken, nitrate-free & low-sodium (We like Boar’s Head brand.)
  • Chicken breast (Prepare an extra breast when you’re making dinner, and then use it the next day in DIY lunch sandwiches or salads.)
  • Tuna or Salmon: Try our Lite Tuna Melt Wrap or this Easy Pesto Salmon Recipe.


Everything You Need for a Healthy Lunch

This healthy lunch grocery list will help you lay the foundation for a nourishing and balanced diet. Stocking your fridge and pantry with items from this list will mean that you always have quick, simple, and healthy options at the ready for lunch, even on your busiest days. 

By conscientiously choosing whole, unprocessed foods, you’ll be taking a proactive step toward safeguarding your long-term health and wellness. This healthy lunch grocery list serves as a blueprint for fostering a lifestyle centered around nutritious, satisfying lunches that promote vitality and well-being.

Lean proteins, low-fat dairy, whole grains, and fresh produce are always smart choices when it comes to wellness and healthy eating. The ingredients on this list are not only healthy, they require very little preparation and can be combined in countless ways to create delicious, exciting lunches. We recommend preparing foods in advance, either over the weekend or the night before you plan to eat them, so that your lunch will be ready when hunger strikes in the middle of your day. 

An Extra Helpful Tip!

We didn’t include it on the grocery list, but be sure to drink plenty of water with your lunch as well. Hydration is key to a healthy lifestyle—it supports all of your bodily functions and can even aid in weight loss. Combine proper hydration with foods from this healthy lunch grocery list and you’ll be amazed at how vibrant and energetic you feel—midday slump? We don’t think so! 

What are your favorite healthy lunch grocery list items? Let us know in the comments! 

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