10 Breakfasts in Under 10 Minutes

Fuel your day with super-simple breakfast recipes.

Got time for breakfast? Of course you do, especially when the recipe ideas are as simple as these 10 breakfasts in under 10 minutes. Add at least one of these to your clean eating menu plan this week.

Breakfast is the most important meal of your day because it helps get your metabolism in gear. Research suggests that people who eat breakfast weigh less than those who don’t [1]. Experts believe that eating a nutritious morning meal reduces feelings of hunger throughout the day, which, in turn, translates into eating fewer calories.

These easy breakfasts are also an ideal way to benefit from foods that you might not consume during later meals. For example, Greek yogurt offers probiotics that nurture digestive health and may reduce constipation or bloating. Whole grain oats, a breakfast staple not often eaten later in the day, are an important source of whole grain nutrition, including fiber, vitamin B1, and phosphorus, which supports bone health.

Need another reason to eat a morning meal, like these quick prep breakfasts? A healthy breakfast will energize the body, giving it the fuel you need to tackle all the to-do’s on your list, whether you’re exercising with a 5-Minute Morning Workout or taxiing kids to the bus stop (or maybe both!).

1. Bagel with Sun-Dried Tomatoes & Provolone
Fresh-n-delicious doesn’t come much more easily than clean eating breakfasts like this one.

2. Protein Egg & Tomato Toast
A filling combo of protein and complex carbs makes this a smart way to fuel up for a busy day.

3. 10-Minute Stovetop Granola
This healthy granola recipe is a tasty topping for plain, non-fat Greek yogurt, but it tastes fab on its own too.

4. Three-Seed Berry Parfait
Mix, layer, and you’re good to go for easy breakfasts—this recipe includes berries, seeds, honey, Greek yogurt, and more.

5. Avocado Breakfast Toast
Quick prep breakfasts like this are full of antioxidants as well as heart-friendly ingredients to start your day the healthy way.  

6. Peanut Butter and Fresh Raspberries on Toast
This healthy breakfast recipe tastes as yummy as it looks—and it whips up in a couple of minutes.  

7. Easy Mint Yogurt with Strawberries
Make the simple mint syrup the night before to enjoy an easy-peasy, fast-prep breakfast.

8. Chocolate-Hazelnut and Banana French Toast Sandwich
Frozen, whole-grain French toast slices make this delicious breakfast a busy morning winner.  

9. Breakfast Yogurt Parfait in a Jar
This pack-n-go recipe is a tasty way to benefit from superfoods like berries and Greek yogurt.  

10. Skinny Strawberry Yogurt
Treat your body to a healthier breakfast option with this recipe, which won’t load you with the added sugar found in flavored store-bought brands.

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[1] American Exercise Council


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