Define Your Abs and Lift Your Booty

Attack your abs and grow your booty with this simple circuit workout!

This workout to Define Your Abs and Lift Your Booty is a must-try!

A strong core and a toned booty are in your future with this quick burn workout! Stubborn belly fat and soft glutes are common, but with the correct routines – like this workout to define your abs and lift your booty – your goals will be reached. Of course, drinking plenty of water, eating right, and a positive mindset will help too!

Killer Abs and a Round Booty Are in Your Future 

It's true what they say... abs are made in the kitchen (or atleast uncovered!)

When it comes to muscle definition, the age-old saying, “abs are made in the kitchen,” is more than just a catchy cliché. The first step to visible abs is shedding the layer of pesky belly fat that hides them!

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This doesn’t mean you have to cut out every ounce of junk food– after all, balance is important! Rather, it means a balance of foods that boost metabolism, reduce bloating and inflammation, and aid in firing fat.

Necessary Foods and Nutrients For Muscle Definition

Vitamin C: When digested, fats have two “fates”: stored or burned. When stress is high, the body holds on and stores fat as a sort of life preserver. The good news is, peppers, broccoli, and Brussels sprouts have high levels of Vitamin C that help lower cortisol levels, which in turn, prevents the body from storing fat.

Eggs: Due to a nutrient called choline, the breakfast staple is actually a big player in boosting metabolism. It is also a crowd favorite, as it can be prepared in a variety of fashions, and can be eaten for any meal. Worried about cholesterol? Just omit the yolk and whip up some fluffy egg whites instead!

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Whole Grains: Carbs are not your enemy! Trade that white bread for a loaf of sprouted wheat or whole grain bread to optimize belly-fat burn! Eating whole grains is associated with various health benefits, including a lower risk of diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure. Whole grains have many forms such as bulgur, brown rice, and buckwheat.

Preparing for the Workout

Get your booty burning with this awesome glute activation exercise.

For optimum results and a killer set of abs, it is vital to activate the muscle group you are working in a few simple muscle activation technique (MAT) exercises. Activation lets the muscle group know that it’s their time to shine, and wakes them up to work! 

This workout begins with a quick glute activation, working your Gluteus Minimus, Medius, and Maximus… a fancy way of saying your inner, outer, and lower glutes. After the activation, we get the heart racing with a quick burst of cardio, followed by several core and glute exercises that will keep your heart rate up and the sweat dripping down. These workouts can be done in the comfort of your own living room or at the gym!

For this routine, you will need: a yoga mat and a timer. Resistance bands and a dumbbell are optional if you choose you want more intensity.

Resistance bands have become a cult favorite for shaping and lifting the booty because, like the activation exercises, it targets the specific muscles to work. In addition, resistance bands both tone and build muscles at the same time; one exercise, double the benefits! 

The Workout to Define Your Abs and Lift Your Booty

Activate your glutes before starting your workout for optimal results!

Do this circuit workout one time through. Each section will indicate how many reps or how much time for each exercise. Be mindful of your breath throughout and take water breaks and rests when necessary… and don’t forget to have fun!

Glute Activation

15 Rainbows- each leg

20 Donkey Kicks- each leg 

15 Clam Shells- each side

15 Glute Bridges

Cardio Burst

30 seconds High Knee Sprint 

30 seconds Butt Kick Sprint 

Ab and Glute Circuit

20 Jump Squats 

25 High Plank with Shoulder Taps

25 Dead Bugs 

50 Russian Twists 

25 Hip Dips

20 Spidermans

20 Reverse Crunches 

30 second Plank 

20 Squats with Alternating Side Kicks

20 Reverse Lunges with Wide Kicks

30 second Squat Hold with Pulse

30 second Plank

Instructional Videos


Donkey Kicks

Clam Shells

Glute Bridges

High Knee Sprint

Butt Kick Sprint

Jump Squat

High Plank Shoulder Taps

Dead Bugs

Russian Twists

Hip Dips


Reverse Crunches


Squats with Alternating Side Kicks

Reverse Lunges with Wide Kicks

Squat Hold with Pulse

What did you think about this workout to define your abs and lift your booty? Have you tried it yet? When you do, be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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