Equipment-Free Workout Challenge

Just you and your muscles.

Is it a challenge for you to get to the gym? Many women with busy work schedules, small children, and hectic calendars are opting to squeeze in workouts from home, and this equipment-free workout challenge may be just the thing to jumpstart an at-home fitness routine. And for those of you who travel frequently, this workout is easy to do from your hotel room or your in-laws’ spare bedroom. And of course, many people just love to work out at the park or the beach, and an equipment-free workout allows nature lovers to break a sweat while on the go.

Equipment Needed: yoga mat, interval timer (Gymboss is a free app)

What to Do: Following are two workouts to choose from. Select one workout each day for 7 days. Try to work at least two of each workout in during this 7-day period. Take one rest day of your choosing. Write down how many rounds you complete and try to increase your total each day.


Workout 1 – Perform each exercise for 45 seconds. Rest 15 seconds after each round. Work til failure.

1. Grasshopper Push-Ups
2. Jump Squat
3. Combo Crunch
4. Burpees

Workout 2 – Perform each exercise in ladder sequence (1 rep of each, jump back to first and perform 2 reps of each, etc.) until you tire.

1. Tricep Pushups
2. Jackknife
3. Four Pulse Squat Flips

Grasshopper Push-Ups

Jump Squat

Combo Crunch


Tricep Push-ups


Four Pulse Squat Flips

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  1. It's perfect for somebody doing it everyday, who's looking to stay in shape. However, when the workout becomes too easy to where you're hardly fatiguing, then increase the reps by about 10-20, depending on on how many reps you're already doing. You can lose weight around your stomach area by maintaining a good, nutritious diet, while exercising regularly which you seem to be doing now. Good luck.

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