Fat Burning Muscle Building Workout

Fat Burning Muscle Building Workout
Get ready to burn fat and build muscle with circuit training. This workout combines cardiovascular exercise with weight training. By combining moves that increase the heart rate with strength training exercises, the result is a workout that burns calories and builds muscle.

Equipment Needed: Two to four sets of dumbbells of varying weight; chair; Interval Timer

What To Do For This Workout: Complete each exercise for the recommended number of repetitions. Move to the next exercise without resting. Rest 30 seconds after each completed circuit. Complete the number of circuits listed for your fitness level. Increase the weight with each circuit.

Move to the next fitness level when you’re ready. For optimal results, perform this workout two times weekly.

Watch the video demonstrations before beginning your workout.

Beginner Level: Perform 2 circuits.
Intermediate Level: Perform 3 circuits.
Advanced Level: Perform 4 circuits.

Seal Jumps – 20 reps
Arnold Press – 12 reps
Foot to Foot Crunch – 24 reps (12 each side)
Spartan Bows – 10 each side (hold to a chair with the opposite hand if needed)
Stiff Legged deadlifts – 12 reps (dumbbells or barbell will work)

Seal Jumps

Arnold Press

Foot to Foot Crunch

Spartan Bows

Stiff Legged Deadlifts

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  1. Dkw1972  April 7, 2012

    Two of the videos are not working.

    • skinnyms  April 7, 2012

      Just checked all the videos and they are working. Maybe wait a minute and try again.

  2. Pamb  June 12, 2012

    says Arnold press video was removed by user

    • Skinny Ms.  June 12, 2012

      Pam, Just replaced the video! Thanks for letting us know.


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