Fat Burning Power Circuit

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Are you ready for a total body challenge? This Fat Burning Power Circuit is a high intensity workout designed to speed up the metabolism and keep your body burning fat for up to 24 hours. Let’s workout!

Equipment Needed: Chair or flat bench; yoga mat or soft surface, water for hydration

What To Do : Watch all video demonstrations before beginning your workout. Perform each exercise for 20 repetitions. Rest up to 15 seconds after each exercise. This circuit consists of 7 exercises.


Beginner Level: Complete 2 circuits
Intermediate Level: Complete 3 circuits
Advanced Level: Complete 5 circuits


1. Seal Jumps
2. Mountain Climbers – 10 reps each leg
3. Chair Dips
4. Seal Jumps
5. Leg Raise
6. Mountain Climbers – 10 reps each leg
7. Body Lunge – 10 reps each leg

Seal Jumps

Mountain Climbers

Chair Dips

Leg Raise

Body Lunge

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