Fat Burning Power Circuit

High intensity workout designed to speed up the metabolism and burn fat up to 24 hours.

Are you ready for a total body challenge? This Fat Burning Power Circuit is a high intensity workout designed to speed up the metabolism and keep your body burning fat for up to 24 hours. Let’s workout!

Equipment Needed: Chair or flat bench; yoga mat or soft surface, water for hydration

What To Do : Watch all video demonstrations before beginning your workout. Perform each exercise for 20 repetitions. Rest up to 15 seconds after each exercise. This circuit consists of 7 exercises.


Beginner Level: Complete 2 circuits
Intermediate Level: Complete 3 circuits
Advanced Level: Complete 5 circuits


1. Seal Jumps
2. Mountain Climbers – 10 reps each leg
3. Chair Dips
4. Seal Jumps
5. Leg Raise
6. Mountain Climbers – 10 reps each leg
7. Body Lunge – 10 reps each leg

Seal Jumps

Mountain Climbers

Chair Dips

Leg Raise

Body Lunge

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    1. Amanda, It depends on your weight and how much energy you expend while doing the workout. Some move more slowly than others. On average about 175 calories will be burned if doing this workout 15 minutes. Thanks for the question.

  1. I jog 2 miles 4-5 days a week, how many days a week should you do the circuit routine?

    1. Wendi,

      I would recommend doing the circuit 3 days a week. You might try alternating circuit training with running.

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