Four Exercises for Gorgeous Quadriceps

Earn sleek and beautiful thighs with these four moves!

These 4 exercises for gorgeous quadriceps will help you sculpt beautiful thighs.

Strong and toned quadriceps are a signature characteristic of fit and healthy legs. Sculpting this front-of-the-thigh muscle will add a gorgeous curve to your thighs that will complement your calves and booty! If you want to learn how to build beautiful legs with an emphasis on your quads, be sure to add these exercises for gorgeous quadriceps to your weekly workout repertoire. 

Multiple Benefits to this Quadriceps Workout

The clock lunge is a challenge but the results will be well worth the effort.

The enhanced appearance of your legs is just one reason to try this routine! A huge, perhaps more important reason is the fact that performing this series of exercises regularly can enhance pretty much every daily movement you could make. From walking to running, to jumping, squatting, and climbing stairs, your quadriceps play a huge role in them all! Stronger quadriceps mean stronger legs, and stronger legs mean easier functional movement!

How to Build Beautiful Legs with Awesome Quads

Get gorgeous legs with an emphasis on your quads by performing these four moves.

The four exercises in this workout will target all of the muscles in your lower body, but we’ve chosen a few moves that will really isolate and target your quadriceps to enhance the look and ability of your thighs!

If you’re a beginner or simply don’t have access to any gym equipment, you can complete this routine using just your own body weight! However, if you’re more advanced and have access to dumbbells, feel free to grab them for an added challenge. That said, we do not recommend holding any added resistance while performing jump squats. Everyone will need a timer for this routine, but the timer on your smartphone will work perfectly.

What to do: Watch all of the instructional videos below before beginning the workout. Perform the specified number of reps/time for each exercise. Rest for the recommended amount of time and then move on to the next exercise. Complete three to five rounds total. 


Perform: 30 alternating repetitions with a 30 second rest before moving on to the next exercise. 

If you’re working out at home, you can step up onto any sturdy chair, coffee table, or other stable surface. If you’re at the gym, use a bench or box! 

As you step up, try to focus on pushing your weight through the foot on the step. Try not to use your back foot to push off the ground!

Clock Lunge

Perform: 10 full repetitions on each side (one forward, side, and reverse lunge is one complete repetition) resting for 60 seconds before moving on to the next move.

Many people have a tendency to hurry through each lunge. Take your time and really focus on each individual movement. You’ll get more out of it that way!

Wall Sit

Perform: 30 second hold. Stand up and shake it out for 30 seconds before moving on to the final exercise. 

It’s very common to hold your breath during a wall sit. Focus on slow, deep breaths throughout the entirety of the hold. Additionally, keep your feet planted firmly on the ground and your back and shoulders flat up against the wall the whole time. Fight through the burn!

Jump Squat

Perform: 10 controlled jumps. Relax for up to 60 seconds before beginning the next round!

When performing a jump squat, you should always land with soft knees on the balls of your feet, NEVER land with locked legs or on your heels. 

These 4 exercises for gorgeous quadriceps show you exactly how to build beautiful thighs! You can perform this routine up to three times per week, or incorporate each of the exercises into your normal leg day routine.

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