Get Going! 5 Reasons to Start Exercising Today

Don't wait another day!

Get Healthy!
Every time you do cardiovascular exercise your brain tells your lungs to breathe deeper, and faster to deliver your body the oxygen your muscles need. Not only are you immediately improving your oxygen intake, you’re also feeding your organs, cells and skin vital nutrients for optimal health.

Get Fit!

When you workout push yourself harder than you did the time before. It’s true, you must vary your workout routine in order to keep building muscle and improving your physical ability but by continuing any exercise you also improve your body’s ability to burn fat, and it’s efficient use of oxygen.

Get Happy!
Among the many benefits of physical exercise to the body, the mental health benefits of physical activity include reduced anxiety, improved mood and it’s sure fire way to boost self esteem. A recent study showed that the mood-boosting benefits of participants who exercised was better than that of the sedentary group, immediately after the workout and for up to 12 hours later. (1) Researchers noted that even those who only exercise a few minutes a day can notice benefits.

Get a Glow!

woman walking during a walk off the pounds challenge
Ever heard of a post-workout glow? A workout not only improves your figure, and your physical ability but it also gives you an instant glow. A great way to look amazing before a date, or a night out is to squeeze in a short workout before you go. By doing aerobic exercise you supply your skin with a dose of highly oxygenated blood that gives you that post-workout glow. Nourish your skin with a quick walk once a day to notice immediate benefits.

Get Better Looking!
Recent studies have shown that beauty is recognized in the brain, and that our brains are actually hard-wired to know beauty when we see it. Results show that when people call a face beautiful, they have actually made a judgement about the health and vitality of that person. That means when you look in the mirror you might not see what a man looking for a mate would see. He might not notice your dress size first, but rather that you are healthy and thus more attractive.

Get Started! You can have all of these benefits with just a few minutes of exercise every day. Fitness doesn’t have to be tortuous! You can enjoy your workouts and find new things to try if you have lost your motivation. Try a Transformational Fitness Program , or a Yoga Class, or maybe you’d benefit from a Real Life Example or a Fitness Partner.

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