Get Your Body Moving Music Playlist

It's get up and go time!

It’s get up and go time! Music has the power to make you move involuntarily, and when it comes to exercise, it makes working out so much easier! Whether you’re spinning, lifting, or stair-climbing, with the right songs, you won’t even realize you’re breaking a sweat  And we’ve carefully designed this Get Your Body Moving playlist to include songs you can’t resist moving to. These stimulating tunes get your heart rate up and give you a natural energy boost. So if you feel your motivation and fitness goals starting to slip, a few simple changes like updating your iPod with fresh new songs, might be all you need! Even on sluggish days where an ounce of motivation is nowhere in sight, these songs will help you forget about your stresses and focus on the now.

1. Can’t Feel My Face
The Weeknd – 110 BPM Amazon/iTunes

2. Save ME
Listenbee, Naz Tokio – 114 BPM Amazon

3. Don’t Look Down
Martin Garrix, Usher – 128 BPM Amazon/iTunes

4. Hotline Bling
Drake – 122 BPM Amazon/iTunes

5. Where The Sun Goes
Redfoo, Stevie Wonder – 112 BPM Amazon/iTunes

6. Shots & Squats
Vigiland, Tham Sway– 128 BPM Amazon/iTunes

7. Hold Me Down
Halsey – 146 BPM Amazon/iTunes

8. I Don’t Like It, I Love It
Flo Rida, Robin Thicke, Verdine White – BPM 120 Amazon/iTunes

9. My Type
Saint Motel – 118 BPM Amazon/iTunes

10. Runaway (U & I)
Galantis – 126 BPM Amazon/iTunes

11. This Summer
Maroon 5 – BPM Amazon/iTunes

Use these workouts and tips to get your body ready for the energy this playlist is going to bring to you:
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