Your Guide to a Healthy Weight

If you focus on making small, simple lifestyle changes, you're more likely to stay in the habit.

Weight loss is hard. It’s difficult to stick to a diet and workout regimen. You can make things easier on yourself, however, and we’re here to help! Here is your guide to a healthy weight. If you focus on making small, simple lifestyle changes, you’re more likely to stay in the habit. Not only will your body get to a naturally healthy weight for your lifestyle, but you’ll keep those extra pounds off for good!

1. Set achievable goals.

Don’t plan on losing 20 pounds in a week – you’ll only get discouraged and give up. If you set goals that you know you can achieve, you’ll be motivated to set more goals. Make sustainable lifestyle changes to get the best results.

2. Minimize processed foods.

It’s amazing how many store-bought foods contain sugar, sodium, and preservatives. Avoid those unhealthy ingredients by cooking your own meals. Use natural, whole ingredients. Not a cook? Not a problem! We have tons of easy recipes on Skinny Ms, including these 10 Easy Dinners with High Protein.

3. Meal prep.

The easiest way to eat home-cooked meals is to meal prep. Cook a large batch of one or two dishes over the weekend. That way, you’ll have healthy meals waiting for you at home and you won’t be tempted to stop for a quick takeout dinner. These 15 Make-Ahead Healthy Dinners are great for making in bulk.

4. Exercise portion control.

Portion control is often easier when you eat off smaller plates – you’ll think you’re eating more than you actually are. Pay attention to the serving size of everything you eat. If you’re still hungry, wait 15 minutes. If you’re still truly hungry at that point, have seconds. You don’t want to starve yourself – your metabolism will slow down.

5. Eat plenty of protein, fiber, and healthy fats.

Protein, fiber, and healthy fats will fill you up and keep you from craving sugary, high-fat foods. Protein also helps you build muscle, which is essential for a healthy metabolism. Healthy fats help you lose weight and lower your LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol). Here are 7 Healthy Fats That Promote Weight Loss.

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