10 Easy Dinners with High Protein

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If you want to lose weight, eat more protein! While this nutrient is essential, it’s often hidden in high-fat foods like red meat or whole dairy. Shed pounds the healthy – and tasty – way with these 10 easy high protein dinners.

When you want to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight, protein is a must-have part of your menu. Protein helps the body build lean muscle, a type of tissue that burns more calories than fat. Women with lean muscle don’t just burn more calories during a workout – they also burn more when the body’s at rest. Protein is a building block for skin, nails, and hair. That’s right – protein is a beauty food!

How much protein do you need? The average adult woman who isn’t pregnant or breastfeeding should consume about 46 grams of protein each day. In addition to the high protein dinners below, you can up your protein intake by snacking on low-fat dairy, like mozzarella cheese sticks or plain Greek yogurt with fresh berries.

1. Honey Mustard Chicken Skewers with Couscous | 17 grams of protein per serving
Chicken adds lean protein power to this simple dish, which offers no-hassle prep perfect for busy weeknights.

2. Cumin-Scented Pan-Seared Salmon with Roasted Vegetables | 30 grams of protein per serving
Roast the veggies, season and cook the salmon, and you’re good to go with a healthy protein dinner that nourishes lean, calorie-burning muscle tissue.

3. Easy Seared Grass-Fed Ribeye Steaks | 21 grams of protein per serving
Let your red meat flag fly with high protein dinners! These steaks are lower in fat and calories than conventionally-raised beef.

4. Slow Cooker Fiesta Chicken Recipe | 22 grams of protein per serving
Nothing says easy like a slow cooker dinner! This one’s a winner with protein from lean ground turkey and red kidney beans.

5. One-Pot Chicken Breasts in Chinese Brown Sauce | 34 grams of protein per serving
Satisfy cravings for Chinese cuisine with high protein dinners. Our dish creates moist chicken with a subtle sweetness your taste buds will savor.

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