Having Trouble Eating Healthy? These Small Steps Will Help You Move Forward!

Take small steps and you'll become healthy in no time!

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Eating healthy is difficult, especially if you don’t like fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains! That’s okay: take these small steps and you’ll be healthier in no time. Lasting change is all about slowly changing your habits until they become part of your lifestyle. If you want to stop having trouble eating healthy, you can’t just ditch all the sugar, processed foods, and junk all at once. Taking baby steps will help you make lasting change that will stick.

First Thing’s First: Avoid Diet Plans

There are so many great diet plans that can help you lose weight, including Weight Watchers, keto, paleo, Whole30, and more. These plans will get you to your goal weight, but they don’t always set you up for when you have trouble eating healthy after the diet’s over. It’s hard to stick to the “off-limits” food groups from these diet plans! For lasting, life-long change, you need a balanced diet that includes whole grains, fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, beans, legumes, seeds, nuts, and more.

Use the diet plan to help you lose weight, but then come back to this article. Adopt these small steps and you will be eating healthier before you know it!

Eating Healthy, One Step at a Time

How it works: Adopt one of these healthy eating habits at a time. Follow it for three to four weeks until the habit is solidified. Then, pick up another habit. It may seem like it takes a long time to change your eating habits, but you’ll look back a year later and find yourself a happier, healthier self.

1. Snack on fruit and vegetables

Instead of hitting the vending machine, train your body to find satisfaction in fruits and vegetables! Sliced apples will satisfy your sweet tooth, while carrot and celery sticks quench the need for something crunchy. Check out this list of the healthiest snack foods for more inspiration.

2. Ditch soda and juice

This one can be difficult if you drink a lot of sugary drinks, but replacing those drinks with water will do wonders for your health. There are ways to make your water taste better, and you can whip up some of these fruit-infused waters to get you started.

3. Learn to like your veggies

Vegetables are a great source of vitamins, minerals, and fiber to fill you up. If you don’t already like vegetables, or if you have trouble eating healthy, start small by preparing a new vegetable side dish once or twice a week. Before you know it, you may be celebrating Meatless Monday!

4. Cook instead of getting takeout

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Restaurant food is delicious, but it’s certainly not healthy. When you’re in the mood for takeout, make one of these recipes instead, with these healthy ingredients! You’ll find it’s less expensive and healthier, and you may actually enjoy it.

5. Consume whole grains

healthy ingredients

You don’t have to be afraid of carbs! These grains are great for your health.

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